Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 408

Chapter 408 Losing Situation
Chapter 408: Losing Situation

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On the screen, she saw both sides' fighter jets tussling with each other. Even though this was not a real war, but each time the jets brushed past each other, she could feel her heart skip a beat.

The jet pilots were very good. The jets tipped, careened, tossed, and turned on screen like performing high-tech acrobatics. However, it seemed like Saohuang's pilots were better trained as their planes were faster and more stable.

Yan Lu was anxious watching the scene. "Quick, you have to evade them, evade their attacks and attack actively!"

"It's no use, the enemies are simply too fast. Our strategies couldn't keep up, the pilots can't determine a precise coordinate," Gu Li said seriously.

Even those watching the screen and commanding couldn't keep up with the enemies, much less the pilots themselves. Their warnings were always one or two seconds too late. If they kept on evading, it would only be a matter of time before they lost. Even though the cannon fires were only plasma shots, everyone treated this like an actual war.

However, Munan was optimistic. "You don't need to rush, we've improved a lot this time. At least, we won't lose so completely like last time. Furthermore, we have to believe in our men, I'm sure they will pull through in the end."

"But we've just finished with this kind of battle simulation. The pilots haven't had the time to familiarize themselves with it before doing it for real, there is bound to be some disadvantages," Gu Li said.

Munan replied in a low voice. "That is simply unavoidable. If we have to rely on preparation for every battle, then there will never be enough improvement. This time, we'll let them practice in real time."

He might've said so but there was no way he would allow them to lose. They had already lost once; another loss would cause a giant blow to their morale. However, the reality was that Saohuang's men were better trained for the battle. After all, they'd had a long period of time to prepare, Munan's men had been playing catch up, and they only caught up recently. In other words, the foundation for Munan's men was weaker compared to Saohuang's. However, Munan would not give up on them until the last moment!

After all, the improvement was obvious; at least, they didn't get slaughtered like last time. Regardless, it was also true that two of their jets had been 'shot down', while Saohuang's side had lost none.

The atmosphere was increasingly glum on Munan's side, needless to say, it was the opposite on Saohuang's side. They were enjoying the time of their lives because they had the advantage. If this was allowed to continue, victory would be theirs. The only regret was not knowing Munan's team strategy or the victory would have come a lot easier and they would've had the chance to rub it in sooner.


"F*ck!" Yan Lu slammed his fist on the table out of frustration. "No matter the result, I swear to teach them a lesson when it's on the grounds combat!"

Land combat was his wheelhouse, even if it took his life, he would try his best to win Saohuang's team.

However, the thing that frustrated them was that neither of them were good at aerial combat. If they were, they could have entered the drill themselves, and not fidget like ants on a hot pot behind the screen.

As usual, Xinghe was the one unaffected. She studied the combat that continued onscreen with rapt attention.