Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 409

Chapter 409 Commanding A Combat Jet
Chapter 409: Commanding a Combat Jet

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After studying it for quite some time, she had discerned the rhythm and pattern.

"Actually, each combat jet has a fixed pattern that we can exploit. As long as we can discern that particular pattern, then we can prepare ahead of time," Xinghe suddenly said in her clear voice. Munan's group all turned to look at her.

"Big Sister Xia, have you seen that pattern?" Munan asked, pleasantly surprise. Yan Lu and the rest were also looking at her with their eyes glowing. After spending some time together, they completely understood Xinghe's capability. Therefore, they valued all of her input.

Xinghe shook her head. "I'm not sure. I can make an educated guess using triangulation of physics and mathematical formulae but it won't be accurate."

"Physics? Mathematics?" Yan Lu said in horror. Those two were his nightmare! He'd rather go out and kill than study those two things.

"Miss Xia, can you really calculate the pattern?" Gu Li asked excitedly. He knew Xinghe was a knowledgeable person, calculating the motion trajectory of a plane should be a walk in the park for her.

Xinghe nodded. "Calculating motion trajectory involves many variables, plus these are human-controlled combat jets so they can't be calculated using preset formulae. The only thing I can do is to gauge the enemies' trajectories within a short time period."

"That's more than enough!" Munan exclaimed. "Now, the gap between the two platoons is still crossable, we just need a slight advantage for our side. Big Sister Xia, give it your best; no matter what, it will be helpful to our men."

"That's right Miss Xia. You'll be a big help to us."

Xinghe asked them curiously, "You want me to take up the commanding mantle?"

"That's right, give it a try," Munan said surely.

"How I can command such an important drill, plus I don't have faith in my calculation." What if her calculations were wrong? That was something she would be unable to bear. However, Munan trusted her implicitly.

"Big Sister Xia, I believe in you. No matter the result, I will not regret passing the commanding reigns to you. Plus, you don't need to command everyone, just one plane is enough."

"Miss Xia, we have to try something now. Aerial combat has always been our weak spot, give it a try because we have nothing to lose," Gu Li added seriously.

"Miss Xia, do it, if there are any consequences, I'll shoulder them for you!" Yan Lu bumped his fist against his chest and promised.

"No, I will bear the responsibility, all of it," Munan said firmly.

"We'll all share it," someone else also chimed in. They wouldn't push the blame on her

Xinghe didn't expect they would have such a deep trust in her; she was a bit touched. Then, she dropped the pretense and took them up on their offer.

"Alright, I'll give it a try. Don't worry, I will not let you down."

"We believe in you!" Munan smiled.

They immediately let Xinghe pick one combat jet to command. Xinghe picked the one in the most inferior position. After she familiarized herself with the commanding method, Xinghe entered a state of extreme focus quickly.

In the air, the most inferior combat jet managed to evade a series of enemy attacks at the last minute.