Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 410

Chapter 410 Started Hacking
Chapter 410: Started Hacking

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Several times he was almost shot down. The pilot was a very young man. He had the least experience but piloting a combat jet had always been his dream. He had given his best to gain the opportunity to participate in this drill. He thought he could finally win honor for his team but he ended up being cornered from the very beginning. Basically, all he'd done since the beginning was evading, evading, and more evading

However, the young man didn't give up. Until the very last moment, he would not surrender or lose hope!

As the man avoided another enemy attack, a clear woman's voice appeared in his ear mic, "I will be supporting you from now on, I don't know the code words so please listen to my orders closely, turn left immediately."

The man was still in shock when the order came. However, thanks to his training, he unconsciously turned left. Right at that moment, an enemy combat jet fired at the empty area he was just in a few seconds ago. This came as another shock to the man and at that moment, another order came.

"Fly up, then fire to your right!"

The man acted on his reflex even though he no idea why he should be doing all that, but after he did, his attack successfully hit an enemy combat jet!

The man widened his eyes in shock. Yan Lu and the gang's jaws were on the floor. This This is too ridiculous!

Xinghe really managed to predict the enemy's trajectory and launched the counter attack beforehand. If they were a few seconds too late, their jet would have been shot down. However, in those few seconds, she saw through the enemy's movement. Even accomplished soldiers couldn't do that

She must be like some kind main character in a novel because that is the only way to explain her over-poweredness!

Munan and the rest's feelings were complicated but, for the most part, they were feeling a sense of excitement. They felt honored being in such an impossible character's presence.

Once again, reality had proven Xinghe had a super computer for her brain. She could use her instinct and experience to predict the enemies' movements. Just like how a learned mathematician could predict the trajectory of a thrown object's arc, Xinghe was doing the same with the combat jets.

With her orders, the young pilot was completely reborn. He turned the whole situation around by shooting down more than a handful of combat jets himself. The tide of battle was changing, now Saohuang's team was cornered.

This sudden turn brought about an increase in fighting spirit in Munan's men, they showcased beyond normal levels of ability. Very soon, they were picking off their enemies one by one, it was a one-sided slaughter!

This result shocked not only Munan's team but also Saohuang's side as well.

"What is happening? How did it become like this?" Saohuang stared fixatedly at the screen and questioned in disbelief.

"We have no clue, it's like our opponent suddenly started hacking the competition or something," an adjutant replied anxiously.

"Just what the f*ck are you people doing?" Saohuang turned to rip into the people who were commanding.

One of them responded with difficulty, "Sir, for some reason, it's as if they have gained the ability to see the future."