Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Xinghe Was More Handsome Than Them
Chapter 411: Xinghe Was More Handsome than Them
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"Before we even begin to commit to our strategy, they've already reacted. We don't have the time to evade their attacks."

"Then, couldn't you people do the same back to them?" Saohuang asked chillingly.

"We could but we're always a few seconds too late" And that few seconds decides everything.

"I have to say, if we lose, none of you will leave this unscathed!" Saohuang didn't care anymore, he threatened his men directly. The room was stunned but no one dared to say anything. Saohuang was infamous for his cold-bloodedness. No one dared to anger him or object because their ending would be horrendous. The commanders slapped themselves into alertness, trying their best to salvage the situation. The atmosphere was highly tense and urgency was in the air.

Under Saohuang's threat, their commanding ability increased but it wasn't enough to turn things around. Their combat jets kept getting shot down. The team formation was broken, all strategy thrown out the window

The only thing they could do now was evade attack and tried to sneak in an attack. Their whole team was a mess, the attacks were sloppy. Munan's side had kept their discipline, the role of bait and trap was clear. In fact, the more they fought, the better they became. On Saohuang's side, no matter how much he threatened them, the writing was already on the wall. Finally, the battle was over!

When the last combat jet was taken down, Saohuang's aura was so scary that it seemed it could swallow a man alive. They had lost in aerial combat!

This was a rude surprise to him because he had really lost

"Yes, we've won!"

"We won!"

It was a completely different scenario on Munan's side. Everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs; they were close to bringing their enemies down.

"Miss Xia, a job well done! I had no idea you would be so good at this, please take me as your student, I can't wait to learn from you. My admiration for you can't be suppressed anymore!" a commander said excitedly.

Everyone else was equally ecstatic. "Miss Xia, it was like you were playing a game just now, so how were you so good?"

That was accurate. When Xinghe was commanding the pilot, it sounded like she was playing a flight simulator. Many times, she gave off the impression that this was nothing but a game to her. This was because the thing seemed to come too easily to her.

Her every prediction was correct. Throughout the process, Munan's gang's attention was completely on her commanding skill instead of the screen. She was handsome as she rattled off her orders, even more eye-grabbing than most of them. The group of men had to admit, Xinghe had them completely bested

"Miss Xia, I have nothing more to say. Next time, if you're in any trouble, come find me. One word and I, Yan Lu, will go to hell for you!" Yan Lu promised with a bump on his chest.

Gu Li also nodded. "Miss Xia, I already considered you my comrade. Don't hesitate to come to me as well, should you need my assistance."

"Miss Xia, don't leave me out of this!"

"Me too!"

Everyone fought to swear allegiance to Xinghe, this was something that had not happened before. Xinghe looked at them and couldn't help but smile. "Thank you."

Little did she know, none of them were kidding.

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