Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 424

Chapter 424 A Constant Part Of Your Future
Chapter 424: A Constant Part of Your Future
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She was a woman who knew her own mind and set her own goals, a woman who didn't want or need to rely on others. If she did, she wouldn't be Xia Xinghe. He understood that, from many regards, she was more responsible than the common man. Her pride was not less than others.

Of course, she wouldn't just sit patiently and leave everything for him to handle. She wouldn't leave her own fate in other people's hands. Even if that other person was him. Even God couldn't dictate her fate, much less him

He understood Xinghe fully because he was her kindred spirit. He cherished her but above all else he respected her, which was why he came to a decision after a beat or two.

"Alright, you can come with me. I will support you in every one of your endeavors."

Xinghe didn't expect him to cave so easily. She pressed, "Aren't you afraid that things are going to be difficult for the Xi family after I leave?"

Mubai laughed. "Our Xi family can handle that bit of trouble. If we couldn't, we wouldn't have survived to this day. Don't worry, the family won't die yet."

Even if she left, the Xi family wouldn't crumble overnight. Plus, every transaction had a loss and gain. As long as there was net gain, Mubai was satisfied! To run a big business, one shouldn't be too concerned with details.

Xinghe smiled. "Right, then it's decided. Don't worry, I will make sure the Xi family does not regret this decision."

Mubai laughed. "As long as you're alright in the end, there will be no regret."

Xinghe rolled her eyes. She stood up and said, "Come on, let's go now and not waste time."

Mubai gave her a helpless expression. "I'm curious, are you ever tired?"

Why is she always so energetic? Even if the place she is heading towards is filled with danger and trouble?

Xinghe looked at him and answered, "I will never feel tired with a goal in mind. If I do, I wouldn't have selected that goal to begin with."

Mubai stood up slowly but with a curious look in his eyes. He suppressed the urge to caress her face. As Xinghe looked at him with confusion in her eyes, he explained gently, "You might not be tired but know that I will always be around to be your rock."

Xinghe was stunned, and before she could recover, Mubai had dragged her out of the room. She had a hard time calming down. No one knew how impactful Mubai's words were to her.

At that moment, she realized her life had always been incomplete. She was not in need of love or marriage or anything materialistic.

She was in need of a spiritual partner that could be on the same level as her and challenge her!

Ever since she swore to take her fate into her own hands, she knew the journey of her life would be treacherous. After all, it was not easy going against destiny. It was as if the whole world was standing in her way.

However, she felt the weight that had been pressing down on her shoulders lifted a tiny bit. She had no complaints no matter how hard the journey was but once in a while she would be assaulted by feelings of loneliness.

Loneliness that was probably God's punishment for her defying his will.