Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 435

Chapter 435 Couldnt Sense Mubai
Chapter 435: Couldn't Sense Mubai

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97
Xinghe's heart dropped when she heard this; she couldn't believe that Mubai had died just like that. He was agile enough to put on a parachute on her, he must have time to put one on himself. Perhaps he had landed somewhere away from human activity

Xinghe asked Sam and the gang to take her to the crash site. When they arrived, the day was already starting. The night before, a military unit had cleaned the place and carried away the bodies. Xinghe scanned the ruins high and low, leaving no stone unturned.

Ali reached her side to ask, "Xinghe, there's nothing here, what are you looking for?"

"I have no idea either" Xinghe answered softly. She was looking around to see whether she could find any clue. Finally, after scouring the area, Xinghe found a half-broken watch. It was Mubai's

However, this was his spare watch, she'd only seen him wear it once. Xinghe picked up the watch and there was unspeakable emotion in her eyes. The watch body and strap were made out of strong ingredient so it had more or less survived the crash. If this watch was fine, then the one Mubai was wearing should be recognizable as well.

Xinghe turned to ask Sam, "I want to look at the bodies, can you guys help me do that?"

Wolf answered, "That is doable, after all, we have quite a good relationship with the army."

"I wish to go now," Xinghe said with determination.

They took her to see the bodies which were stored in a nearby temporary camp. Xinghe had Wolf reveal only part of the truth, telling the military, she got lost with some friends and wished to check out their situation. The captain that led them to the bodies was impatient and annoyed.

"We've already told you these are all bodies from the exploded plane, they definitely have nothing to do with your people. The private plane came from overseas, we can't even find out the identity of its owner."

To hide the fact that they were travelling to Country Y, Mubai purposely switched plane during their journey. The last plane was one he purchased off the black market so it wasn't registered to Mubai's name. In any case, it would be difficult to trace the plane back to Mubai.

Xinghe was apprehensive about revealing Mubai's identity. His identity was too unique, if discovered, this would probably be international news

Therefore, the fact that he had gotten into an air accident had to be kept under wraps. To buy Xinghe more time with the bodies, Sam did his best to please the captain as Xinghe ran through the bodies.

All of the bodies there were missing a part of its legs or arms. Some even had their bones showing. Every single one of them could be someone's nightmare but Xinghe studied them all without batting an eye.

The bodies made even Wolf and his men squeamish so they were impressed by Xinghe's guts. Xinghe checked all the bodies and couldn't sense Mubai among them. Furthermore, the numbers didn't add up

"So, how is it?" Ali asked her while looking away from the bodies.

"Let's go, my friend isn't here," Xinghe said as she stood up slowly. She felt suddenly light-headed. Her face was pale as if drained of blood. Sometimes, no news was worse than bad news