Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Someone Important Is Here
Chapter 455: Someone Important Is Here

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Cairn and Sam stood like they were really the entrance guards. Xinghe would tamper with the surveillance again after they rescued Charlie

Ali and Wolf quickly found Charlie's room. They used the key swiped from the guards to unlock the door and save Charlie. They were exact and precise in their movements. The atmosphere was heightened and nervous. After they saved Charlie, they planned to escape by retracing their steps.

However, at that moment, Xinghe saw from the surveillance a long row of military-use vehicles arriving at the military camp gate. Their arrival woke up the entire camp. The soldiers who were resting were roused from their sleep and pulled back to their post. The security suddenly became tight.

There was a seriousness in Xinghe's eyes when she informed Sam's gang, "Stay put for now. A good number of people have arrived at the camp and the soldiers are everything. If you go out now, you'll be discovered."

Sam's gang's faces shifted. They didn't expect to happen across such a sudden development.

"What should we do now?" Sam whispered.

"Stay quiet and wait for my orders," Xinghe said as she moved to watch what was happening. Apparently, some important person had arrived because the whole camp was woken up to welcome the group. Even Barron who was asleep changed and rushed out.

"Where's General Philip?" Barron asked his adjutant as he rushed down the stairs, still putting on his pants.

"The general has entered the camp, I've already had our men go welcome him."

"Why would he come so suddenly? He should have informed me beforehand," Barron couldn't help but grumble.

"The general's visit is indeed very sudden," the adjutant agreed. Even so, they didn't dare waste any more time. They rushed to meet General Philip. When they arrived at the middle field, more than ten armored cars were parked there. The one at the front was the most lavish. Needless to say, General Philip was in it.

Barron rushed forward and saw General Philip in his military uniform sitting at the back.

"Good afternoon, General!" Barron gave him a salute as his eyes strayed to a mysterious man in a black garment beside the General. The man was wearing a black suit and a dark hat that was pressed low on his face. It shielded his face from view. Barron could only see his thin lips and sharp jaw. Even though his identity was a mystery, Barron could sense the strong presence radiating off him.

Philip returned him a salute and said, "I came at such short notice because I need your help with something."

"Please give me your orders, General!" Barron opened his mouth to say with utter respect, a complete reversal of his usual smug self. They might both be generals, but Philip's ranking was much higher than his.

Philip didn't waste time and cut to the chase. "I heard earlier that you managed to grab some military munitions from IV Syndicate?"

"Yes, General!" Barron's face brightened with pride. It was an impressive feat to be able to grab anything back from IV Syndicate. This organization was strong and mysterious, even Interpol had difficulties tracking them down.

Therefore, the fact that he could wrangle the munitions back from IV Syndicate proved Barron's value to the military.