Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 462

Chapter 462 Determination To Kill Them
Chapter 462: Determination to Kill Them

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97
Xinghe had arranged for a fleet of similar looking cars. She had the mercenaries drive them down different routes, hoping to confuse Barron's men. She was sure that Barron had people tailing them.

"Aren't we going to keep a few mercenaries with us for safety?" Ali asked Xinghe in the car. They were alone among themselves then.

Xinghe shook her head. "They will not go into open combat with Barron. I've fired them, this is their last job with us."

Ali nodded with understanding. "Then where are we going now?"

Xinghe pulled out a map and pointed at a random spot. "Here, regardless of the location, we have to get out of this place first."

"Xinghe, you really have Barron's proof of criminal activities?" Sam pulled himself forward to ask. Xinghe nodded.

"Wonderful! We'll use it to take down Barron when we're safe!" Sam concluded happily.

Xinghe still shook her head. "We can't do that; the evidence will not do much. Barron only agreed to this because he didn't want to risk it. If we go against Barron for real, we'll be ones who lose."

"No matter, we will find a way to take him out sooner or later," Sam said with determination. It was clear to everyone in the car. They had crossed Barron's bottom line this time; he would try his best to kill them. The only way they could survive was to kill Barron first. Xinghe didn't think so far ahead, her immediate concern was whether they could get out of that city alive or not.

After she turned back to look out the back window, Xinghe said with obvious concern, "We have leave this place safely first. I've taken a large risk exhorting Barron, we need to be careful"

As she finished, the group could hear the sound of helicopter coming from the sky. Wolf pushed his head out the window and as expected, he saw a helicopter flying towards them.

"A copter is chasing after us!" As he said so, he heard cars coming from behind them. "Cars too, they must be Barron's men."

Xinghe frowned. Barron did decide to come after them. She knew things wouldn't be so easy. They had no choice to try their luck now.

"Cairn, pick up the speed!" Xinghe ordered. Cairn didn't have to be told twice. Sam and the rest picked up their weapons, ready to counter if possible. The copter reached them in a blink of an eye.

When it was within range, the copter started shooting at them.

"Sh*t!" Sam cursed, they were almost shot by the hail of bullets. Thankfully, Cairn was a good driver, he evaded all the attacks.

"F*ck!" Wolf pushed a rifle out the window and shot at the copter. This caused the helicopter to rise in elevation, giving Xinghe and the rest a chance to breathe. However, the danger was not yet over because the cars were catching up to them!

"There's a copse of trees in front of us, drive into it!" Xinghe yelled. She chose this because it would be easier to hide inside a forest. Cairn slammed on the gas pedal. Finally, they crossed into the forest and the cars followed behind them. Their relentlessness showed how determined they were to kill Xinghe's group!