Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 465

Chapter 465 We Are Probably Saved
Chapter 465: We Are Probably Saved

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"But we are at a dead end!" Ali's eyes darkened. "Xinghe, please leave us be. One survivor is better than none, at least you'll be alive to take revenge for us."

"That's right, please go!" Charlie also advised her, "This is not your problem to bear."

Xinghe still shook her head. "I've already said, I'm not leaving."

The woods were so big, where was she going to go all alone? Plus, she would never leave her friends behind. She didn't think they are going to die anyway.

Xinghe stared at Charlie and continued, "Furthermore, I need Mr. Charlie's help with something."

Charlie was confused. "What is it?"

"I'm looking for IV Syndicate's main base. I need the information from you," Xinghe said directly.

Charlie was surprised. "You also want to know about IV Syndicate?"

This time it was Xinghe who was surprised but she responded quickly, "Someone has asked you about them before?"

"That's right, a General summoned me to ask me about this."

Xinghe tried to recollect the things that she saw then. So that was why the important General was there at the camp

Suddenly, Xinghe remembered the man in black beside the General. He wore a cap throughout so she couldn't see his face even though she kept getting familiar vibes from him. Could it be

Xinghe could feel her heart speeding up, she asked Charlie in a hurry, "The General that you mentioned, was there a man in a hat beside him?"

"That's right!" Charlie nodded.

"What does he look like?"

Charlie shook his head. "That I have no idea, I couldn't see his face."

"Did he say something during the meeting?"

"Yes, he did ask me a question and based on his accent, he is not from this country"

"Is his accent similar to mine?" Xinghe asked.

Recognition dawned on Charlie's face and he breathed out, "Now that you mention it, it is!"

"Then we're saved!" Xinghe announced. The rest were confused.

"Xinghe, what do you mean by that?" Ali asked curiously but with anticipation, "You have an idea to get us out of this conundrum?"

"Computer" Xinghe didn't answer but start to search for her laptop. She flipped open the device and ordered them without taking her eyes from the screen, "Try to hold them off as long as you can. I'm going to find us the help we need!"

"Xinghe, what are you planning to do?" Sam asked excitedly. For some reason, he believed Xinghe when she said they were going to be saved. The rest felt the same way. They had a lot of faith in Xinghe, so much so that they believed her unconditionally.

"I have a way to save everyone but I'm not sure" Xinghe operated her laptop and answered nervously. She was really not sure if that person was really Xi Mubai.

"Charlie's group, stop resisting!" Barron yelled with impatience, "You have five minutes to surrender or my men will be rushing in!"

Then, he ordered, "Prepare the explosives, when five minutes is up, blow them into smithereens!"

"Yes, sir!" his soldiers answered. Obviously, Sam and the rest heard Barron's order.

"F*ck, we're not going to take this lying down. Prepare our explosives as well!" Sam yelled audibly enough for Barron to hear him.

As he expected, Barron's face darkened after he heard Sam.