Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 468

Chapter 468 Gift The Woman To You
Chapter 468: Gift the Woman to You

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"That's right, this is all thanks to General, what did you say" Barron finally caught up to the meaning behind Philip's words.

Philip didn't clarify himself instead he ordered firmly, "From now on, no one is to fire any bullets unless it's my explicit orders. Violators will be prosecuted according to military law!"

"General What is the meaning of this?" Barron asked hesitatingly.

"Who are you to question my motives" Philip glared at him and a bad feeling rose up in Barron's gut.

The next second, Philip turned towards Charlie's direction and opened his mouth to speak, "Come out into the open, I guarantee no one will fire at you, so be cooperative."

"Impossible! The moment we go out, you will kill us!" Wolf argued, not at all believing what Philip said. None of them believed him. But Xinghe was waiting, waiting for that man to speak

Philip smiled and turned to look at Mubai beside him. At that moment, he decided to play a little trick on him.

"Don't worry, I said I won't kill you so I won't, but I have a condition."

Sam who was the most curious of them asked, "What condition?"

"I hear you have an interesting woman with you. If you're willing to hand her over to us then I can assure that the rest of you will leave this place with your lives," Philip said with a hint of a smile in his voice even though his words were definitely not friendly. Mubai stared at him and saw the playfulness dancing in Philip's eyes. He rolled his eyes in return.

Philip found the whole thing to be quite amusing, he continued with a smile, "Quick hand over that woman. One woman to save five of your lives, it's a worthwhile trade and your only chance at survival!"

"He's talking about Xinghe?" Cairn asked with a frown. The other's faces darkened.

"F*ck, this must be Barron's doing!" Sam cursed under his breath. They thought it was Barron who told Philip about Xinghe.

"They're all the same; a bunch of disgusting pigs!" Ali cursed angrily, she looked down on this kind of person the most.

Sam breathed out coldly. "And to think we thought we were saved. They're all one and the same. Ready your weapons, we must at least pull a few down to hell with us!"

"I'll give you another two minutes to decide. If you don't hand over the woman, then we will attack in earnest!" Philip yelled.

Barron finally understood the purpose behind Philip's sudden appearance. So, he was interested in that Eastern woman. He cursed Philip inwardly for scaring him needlessly, thinking he had decided to side with Charlie's group. However, he was confused, how did Philip know about that woman?

Nevertheless, his first response was to get into Philip's good graces.

"General, there is such a woman in their midst, an Eastern woman, and is quite a looker. You have no idea, when I first saw her, my heart was moved as well. General, you certainly have good taste. Don't worry, I will help you capture her alive and then gift her to you!"

Barron even coupled it with a salacious smile. Philip instantly felt the drop in temperature the moment Barron said that. He could tell without turning, a certain someone's gaze must be sharp enough to be able to kill people right about now.

Philip sighed inwardly at Barron's stupidity. His end would probably come before he even realized what had happened.

Philip ignored him and interrogated impatiently, "Why are you people still so stubborn? Are all of you really willing to die for a woman?"