Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Shes My Woman
Chapter 469: She's My Woman

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97
"So, what if that's true? If today is the end for us, so be it!" Sam answered with a chilling smirk. Ali and the rest were already prepared to launch an attack at any moment. This time, at least, they had to take the initiative.

Philip laughed. "I'm impressed by your love towards one another, but woman, do you really want them to die just because of you?"

His words were directed towards Xinghe.

"You swear to let them go if I surrender?" Xinghe suddenly asked. Philip was shocked by the calmness in the woman's answer. Mubai's dark eyes shook violently. He was certain that it was Xinghe

This time it was Mubai who answered her, "That's right, if you follow us obediently, then we will let the rest of them go safely."

Xinghe had a hard time suppressing the smile that threatened to appear on her face. She took up the offer immediately, "Deal!"

Mubai's lips also curved into a smile. He was also getting interested in this charade. "Then, why are you still hiding behind the rock"

Xinghe was ready to walk out into the open. "Xinghe, what are you doing" Ali quickly pulled her back. They were shocked that she really was willing to sacrifice herself for them.

"You are to stay put!" Sam grabbed hold of her arm and said solemnly, "Didn't we say we're not going to leave anyone of us behind? What are you thinking?"

"This way all of you will be saved," Xinghe said lightly. Her attempt at humour flew over their heads.

"We can save ourselves just fine! You stay here and don't go anywhere. If you dare to sacrifice yourself to save us, then I wouldn't forgive you even after I die!" Sam warned her seriously.

Ali also nodded in anger. "That's right, we will not allow you to do that!"

"Xinghe, there must be another way," Cairn consoled her. Even Charlie and Wolf didn't agree to her desire to sacrifice herself.

Xinghe looked at them and said, "But this is the only way we have to survive."

"You're too nave! They will not let any of us go, they're lying to you," Ali lectured her.

Xinghe shook her head and said surely, "They are not lying. It's real this time. All of you will be safe if I surrender myself."

"Even if it's real, I will not allow you to do it. I would rather die than let you do that!" Sam said with determination. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

Xinghe was surprised and she asked, "All of you rather die than let me sacrifice myself?"

"That's right!" they replied in unison. Xinghe's eyes started to water, she was deeply touched. It was one thing that they treated her as one of them but she was deeply moved that they valued her so greatly.

Xinghe offered a rare smile and said, "Thank you, I have no regrets. From now on, all of you will be my friends, my comrades, until the day I die but I have to go now because"

"Enough!" Sam interrupted her and yelled loudly at Philip, "F*cker, the woman that you want is already mine, she's my woman now so we will not submit to your demand! If you dare then come at us, we are not afraid to fight to the death with you!"