Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 48

Chapter 48 The Xi Empires Ip Address
Chapter 48: The Xi Empire's IP Address

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She was absolutely done with living in the gutters of poverty!

She had great plans for her future but she needed money to make them possible.

When she was young, Xinghe was cavalier with her spending because she believed in her money earning capability. She would spend every cent that she earned, her account was pretty much always empty.

Xinghe then was too proud to focus all her energy on earning money.

She thought she could live without constraints the rest of her life with no money worries.

She didn't have a habit of saving and spent most of her time discovering the world of computers.

From her perspective, mastering a skill could help her earn more than enough money when she needed to.

However, cruel fate stripped her of her family riches, only then she knew the importance of money.

She had learnt to appreciate every single cent.

Crudely put, currently, she needed money!

Earning money wasn't difficult; the hard part was earning a large amount of it in a short period of time.

Lin Lin's birthday party was coming up. She couldn't arrive in her normal rags, she mustn't let anyone look down on her. She wouldn't allow herself to embarrass Lin Lin!

This meant she needed money for a total make-over.

But where can I find enough?

Xinghe switched on her newly purchased computer and surfed the net for possible opportunities.

She couldn't repeat the same tactic as last time because it would make it easier for others to trace her identity and it could cause her a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Furthermore, that method was way too energy consuming and worst of all, there was a limit to how much money she could earn. It couldn't satisfy her needs anymore.

She spent quite some time on the internet but nothing prospective came up. She even thought of going to Wu Rong to demand her share of her father's inheritance.

But she knew that would be getting ahead of herself!

Wu Rong was history but Wushuang was still out there.

She had to take both of them down before they would let her get anywhere close to her father's inheritance.

Therefore, she couldn't hurry herself about the estate but where would she get the money in the meantime?

Xinghe had no clue so she decided to visit a hacking forum that was hidden from prying eyes.

Only then did she realize that the stunt she pulled that day had attracted quite an attention among the hacking community.

There were even threads looking for her.

People posted lucrative rewards for her actual identity.

Xinghe blinked at the money offered and wondered if she could sell herself out

She chuckled at the ludicrousness of her own idea and moved on.

She saw someone issued her a challenge. The bet was 1,000,000 RMB.

She decided to accept since she had nothing else better to do.

Using the OP's account, she hacked into the person's IP address.

However, the moment she gained access, Xinghe was assaulted by pangs of regret!

It appeared to be the Xi Empire's IP address

001? The opposite party was obviously online since he sent her a message when the person detected her presence, which was almost immediately.

At the same time, Xinghe realized that person was trying to hack into her computer.

Xinghe set up her defense calmly and fired back a reply. Curiosity kills the cat. Stop or I'll make you regret it.

Quite a big talker. You already know my identity, it's only fair that I know yours, right?

You are Xi Mubai?

Xinghe posed the question, even though she knew it had to be him.

Yes, it is me. 001, I've heard some impressive things about you, would you be interested in coming to work for my company? Mubai asked.