Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 482

Chapter 482 Like In Combat
Chapter 482: Like In Combat

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Afraid that he would mess up her flow, Mubai didn't get himself involved. She sat in front of the supercomputer, her fingers flying over the keyboard.

Xinghe's first task was to hack into the base's server. The base's powerful defense was powerless before Xinghe. She hacked into it easily and took over the internal surveillance system.

Instantly, a series of surveillance videos appeared on screen. Everyone was excited when that happened.

Ali praised Xinghe without reservation, "Xinghe, you're too good! You hacked into their system so fast."

"I didn't expect the base to be so big, the videos here only show part of the whole compound," Charlie observed in a serious tone.

Philip said directly, "Check every corner of this place, and I need an accurate layout of the place!"

"Naturally," Xinghe said as she continued working on the computer.

Mubai suddenly sat down beside her and asked, "Do you need my help?"

Xinghe looked him and smiled. "Sure, I will pass over the surveillance to you, you save them and make a layout map."

"No problem," Mubai replied with a wicked smile. Philip and the rest were equally surprised by Mubai's computer skills, they'd thought he was only a successful businessman, turned out he was equally good in computer. In their eyes, he was as good as Xinghe.

Furthermore, they cooperated with each other flawlessly. One was responsible for collecting the data, another collating them. There was minimum verbal communication between them but they seemed to know what the other needed.

Instantly, the room was filled with the sound of fingers tapping on keyboards. They were in the zone, their expressions deeply focused.

The surrounding people didn't dare make any noise, afraid that they would disturb the two. Even their breathing had gotten slower.

However, their hearts were beating fast with excitement. They still hadn't physically infiltrated the IV Syndicate's base but watching the two of them work felt like they were in the middle of real combat.

The sensation would make anyone's blood boil!

After some time, Xinghe finally stopped working. She smiled. "This whole base is now fully under our control."

Mubai stopped the next second, "The layout's ready."

Xinghe was surprised. She praised, "You were fast."

His speed honestly did impress her. Mubai smirked. "It's just a map layout, it's no biggie."

However from the rest's perspective, he was already crazy good!

The map was immediately printed out and they began to familiarize themselves with it. Philip was a military strategist; when he saw the map, he had already come up a few strategies to destroy it.

However, it was not yet time to strike because they realized this sizeable base was only a branch!

"Is there any way you can trace their main base from this one?" Philip asked Xinghe.

"I can but I will need a day or two to do that," Xinghe replied with a frown. She felt the time needed was a bit too long but Philip was already satisfied.

"We have one or two days to spare. I will go and arrange my men; when you're ready, we'll move out immediately."