Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Scouted By Xi Mubai
Chapter 49: Scouted by Xi Mubai

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The reason Mubai placed the challenge was to woo 001 over to his company.

He had some reservations about 001's genius status but he truly believed he were a talent. And he refused to let any talent go to waste.

With the Xi Empire's name, he was sure 001 would accept the olive branch he extended.

Mubai sat confidently waiting for 001 to say yes.

To his surprise, 001 rejected him bluntly!

Not interested! The reply said. Then, 001 retreated from their conversation, completely cleaning his digital footprints.

Mubai immediately tried tracing him but the trail was cold.

Staring at the 'Not Interested' that appeared on his screen, Mubai's mouth twitched with annoyance.

Just how bad had his name become to receive so many rejections recently?

However, he was surprised by this 001's capability. He tried tracking his identity during their brief conversation but it was to no avail.

This 001 might truly be a genius seeing as he could block all his advances.

Furthermore, 001 had the boldness of a reclusive expert since he rejected his offer so decisively despite the fact that he knew who he was dealing with.

True genius is always a little eccentric.

After this short episode, Mubai's interest in this 001 only increased

After Xinghe logged out of that conversation, her face was locked in a frown.

She didn't expect to attract Mubai's unwanted attention.

She cautioned herself to be more careful in the future because she didn't want to have anything more to do with Mubai. Who knew what other methods he would employ to track her down.

Looks like it was no longer a good idea to use the forum to search for her next pot of gold.

Xinghe didn't feel defeated. If she couldn't find a solution today, there was always tomorrow.

Little did she know an event that would incur her wrath was waiting for her the next day!

After moving into the villa, Xia Zhi's mood greatly increased. That day, he wanted to make home-cooked meal for his family so he left for the market early in the morning.

He was scheduled to return around breakfast.

Xinghe prepared their breakfast and his portion sat out in the open until it was cold.

It was almost noon and he still hadn't returned.

Chengwu said anxiously, "Why hasn't Zhi returned from the market?"

"I'll call him and ask," Xinghe replied consolingly. She called Xia Zhi's number and it was picked up after several rings.

Xia Zhi's warped voice came from the other end, "Sis, why did you call me?"

Xinghe was too familiar with his antics. She knew something was wrong when she heard the forced levity in his voice.

"Where are you, why aren't you back from the market yet?"

"Right, I forgot to tell you I received my lecturer's call earlier. He wanted me meet him at school. Anyway, I still have some things to do so don't wait up," Xinghe could hear the fake cheerfulness in his voice. She didn't believe a word he said.

"Where are you?" She asked directly, daring him to lie to her.

Xia Zhi replied weakly, "At the residential compound gate"

"Got it." Xinghe put down her phone and told her uncle with a straight face, "Uncle, Zhi is caught at his school because of his studies, he told us to not wait for him. I'll go get you something to eat, what do you want?"

The honest Chengwu didn't realize she was lying. He replied, "I'll eat anything you buy."

"Alright, you go rest first. I'll call you when I'm back."

"Okay, be safe. Don't buy too much, it's just the two of us, don't burden yourself with a heavy load"