Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 490

Chapter 490 The Plan Starts
Chapter 490: The Plan Starts

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Xinghe explained slowly and clearly. This shocked Sam and the rest.

Sam narrowed his eyes. "You mean they won't let Philip win even if he decides to cooperate with them?"

"That's right. Put yourself in IV Syndicate's shoes, who is more easily controlled? Philip or Aliyah?" Xinghe posed them the question.

It stunned them. Of course, the answer was Aliyah who had been cooperating with them from the start.

"Looks like we have to save Kelly," Wolf grumbled.

Ali, though, had something else on her mind. She said excitedly, "Who would have thought small characters like us would sway the country's election? Since when did we become so important?"

Sam was influenced by her words, "Does this mean our contribution will be huge if Philip succeeds?"

"Do you think this means we'll rise to a position of great importance following that?" Cairn also couldn't help but ask.

"At least we wouldn't be small characters anymore," Wolf said with a smile.

Ali cheered happily, "We'll be rich!"

Xinghe looked at their excited faces and reminded them with a smile, "Don't think so far ahead yet; we still need to save Kelly first."

Sam nodded. "You're right! We have to save Kelly, for the sake of our future and this country's future!"

"Right, we must save Kelly!" the rest chimed in unison. If before they were helping out of responsibility, now they were doing this mostly for themselves. After all, this was their only chance at a new chance at life; they had to secure it.

Sam and the guys still remembered what Ali had said: no money, no sex. They didn't want to be single all their lives.

Xinghe nodded with a smile witnessing their drive and confidence. She returned to her work, not wishing to waste any more time. She had to correct the surveillance and defense system before Mubai and the rest of them sneaked into the base.

In a way, Xinghe's mission was the most important. She had to succeed before they could proceed with the rest of the plan

On the second day of the election, Philip and the other candidates were still busy giving speeches to rally their supports. Over the few days prior to the election, the candidates couldn't leave the state hall for fear of mysterious 'accidents'.

This was especially true for Philip who had the biggest chance at winning. This meant that more people were trying to prevent him from succeeding. One of them was obviously IV Syndicate.

However, Philip had made his preparation, his men were already gathered around IV Syndicate's main base. After Kelly was saved and he became president, his first move was to demolish IV Syndicate!

However, if the plan failed, he knew he would fail as well.

No one other than Xinghe's group knew about the forces that acted in the dark, forcing immense pressure on Philip.

Xinghe whispered into the ear-mic, "Done, you can go in now."

Mubai and the rest who were already in disguise and standing in front of the mechanical door. The electronic scanner read their faces and unlocked the door after the auto-sensor was successful.

Mubai's group walked in calmly, their plan had started!

Xinghe who sat in front of the computer, helped them take down the electronic surveillance that stood in their way.

Sam's group stared at the screen nervously, afraid that Mubai and his men would be found out. Thankfully, due to the size of the base, there was usually a corridor that was left unattended by the guards.

The electronic surveillance wasn't an issue because they had Xinghe.