Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Xinghe Youre The Most Generous
Chapter 499: Xinghe, You're the Most Generous

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IV Syndicate's end was cemented now. With Xinghe's tampering, all the electronic systems in IV Syndicate were disabled.

The military got into the base easily, like a tornado, they ravaged those surprised terrorists. With Mubai acting as the lead commander, he was working hard to make sure no one got away. Those who refused to surrender would be executed on the spot.

Facing such a strong enemy, the base was soon taken over. Xinghe's side obtained a landslide victory!

They managed that in only half a day. When that happened, almost the whole country cheered.

Sam's group started dancing with joy.

"We won! IV Syndicate is over! We won!" Sam yelled at the top of his lung, he felt like he was dreaming.

Ali also added happily, "I didn't think that there was still hope for peace in this country in my lifetime."

Indeed, taking down IV Syndicate was the beginning of the hope for peace. There were still other illegal organizations out there but with the strongest of them all crumbling, taking care of the rest was only a matter of time. Destruction of IV Syndicate meant they had won half of the way. As long as the rest of Country Y worked together, peace was no longer a dream. This was a hard-earned victory that was like salvation for Country Y's citizens who were already tired of all the fighting and wars

Since Philip was the face of this operation, they naturally attributed this long-awaited victory to him. They didn't know about the others that contributed behind the scenes.

Seeing the amount of news about Philip that appeared online, Sam grumbled with some dissatisfaction, "These reporters know nothing, the greatest contributor for this operation was Xinghe."

"That's right. If not for Xinghe, how could they have taken down IV Syndicate so easily," Ali concurred.

"Mr. Xi's contribution was not small either," Cairn added in fairness. Indeed, Xinghe and Mubai had done the most to make the operation a success. However, that was knowledge privy to the few of them only.

Xinghe, who was sifting through the organization's information, heard them and replied softly, "We don't need the recognition, that's our deal with Philip."

Philip would have the recognition and they would have Saohuang's proof of criminality.

Ali giggled and said, "Xinghe, you are the most generous person I've ever met."

She didn't care for fame or fortune; everything was transient to her. However, it was also because of this outlook on life that others were willing to go the extra mile to impress her and be nice to her.

Her attitude seemed to have brushed off on the people around her as well. They learnt to be appreciative, to value everything they had.

This changed Sam's earlier thoughts. "Should we still go and seek credit? It sounds so petty now."

"Perhaps we can ask for a job?" Wolf suggested.

Cairn followed up by saying, "Maybe we can join the military?"

Sam shook his head immediately. "I don't like it, being a soldier is too restrictive!"

"Then, we settle for nothing?" Ali too was conflicted. They had nothing, so they really wished to ask for something.

However, since the biggest contributor, Xinghe didn't actively go to seek rewards; it seemed out of place for them to do so.

Xinghe looked at them with mirth in her eyes. "All of you might get more than you could ever dream of."

"Why?" Ali was curious.

Before Xinghe could explain, Mubai walked in suddenly.