Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 513

Chapter 513 She Loves To Be Personally Involved In The Revenge
Chapter 513: She Loves to Be Personally Involved in the Revenge
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They didn't expect the two of them to return so slowly.

"Mom, Dad, we're home."

Mubai smiled when he saw his parents. Mrs. Xi couldn't control herself and rushed forward to grab his arm as if to check he was really there.

"Son, you're finally home. Do you know how worried I was? Thankfully, you're home safe."

Compared to her, Mr. Xi was more collected. He was got straight to business, he asked, "Do you have what we need?"

This was the question the whole Xi family was the most concerned about. Mubai nodded firmly. "Yes, we got it."

"Wonderful!" Mr. Xi exclaimed with excitement, "I knew the two of you could do this! Quickly, get the evidence to the police. We still have time. Munan is now at military court so your timing is perfect, we can use your evidence to save him!"

Mubai and Xinghe looked at each other.

"Munan is at military court?" Mubai's eyes darkened. "What's going on?"

Mr. Xi quickly brought them up to speed. Xinghe and Mubai then realized how despicable Saohuang was. Then again, other than frame them using IV Syndicate's people, what else did he know?

"We'll go to the court now," Xinghe told Mubai directly. She liked to deliver the face-slap herself. Her satisfaction came from personally looking her enemies in their eyes when she crushed them.

Mr. Xi rejected that idea, flatly saying, "No, you can't go to court."

"Why not?" Xinghe asked.

Mr. Xi answered, "This is the military court we're talking about; not anyone can enter it. The surveillance is high because this case is huge so normal people wouldn't be able to get in. The two of you are not from the military so you will be held at the door. Plus, Xinghe, you still have a warrant out on you, going there is equal to surrendering."

So that's why.

Mubai chuckled coldly. "This Feng Saohuang sure is lucky. The plan was to destroy him in front of everyone."

Xinghe's eyes shone, she had come up with an idea.

"Getting in is not hard, I can get in."

"You?" Mubai was curious.

Xinghe nodded. "Your father is right. I still have the charges against me, so I should be able to enter the court as a witness,"

Mubai understood her instantly. Mr. and Mrs. Xi though were still in the dark.

He stared at her and asked to get confirmation, "You really want to go?"

Xinghe nodded with confidence. "Definitely. We cannot let them pin this on the innocent Munan. However most importantly, we mustn't let Saohuang win this case."

"Okay, I will have it arranged immediately!" Mubai decided.

Mr. and Mrs. Xi were still confused. What are they up to?

Xinghe and Mubai's plan was deceptively simple. Xinghe would surrender, and then, she would be summoned to the trial as a witness.

Of course, what kind of statement she would give was another business. Surrendering was only an excuse to enter the court. With the plan in place, Mubai immediately took Xinghe to the precinct.

Right then, Munan was still under intense interrogation.

"Xi Munan, do you admit that it was you who let the suspect, Xia Xinghe, go?" the judge questioned.

Munan nodded. "That's right, but that's only because I believe in her. It surprised me as well that she suddenly disappeared."