Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 514

Chapter 514 The Trial
Chapter 514: The Trial
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"But she couldn't have evaded the police on her own, it must have been you who helped her escape the country, right?"

"I did no such thing, if all of you still want to pin that on me, I can't do anything about it," Munan answered nonchalantly, as if he didn't care how they viewed him.

"Then, did you have any dealings with her selling the stolen military munitions together?"


"Do you think we can believe that? You were suspected of this charge before and were closest to Xia Xinghe. Yesterday, the people from the munitions organization even came to assassinate you because they thought you would sell them out. This is all circumstantial evidence, but the validity of the evidence cannot be denied."

"I, for one, question their validity. If not, why hasn't there been concrete proof that I have done such a thing?" Munan retorted with a light smile.

The judge frowned slightly. "Xi Munan, you are also a beneficiary of this country, therefore I advise you to be truthful to the court. The law will definitely look kindly on you and give you a fair judgement."

"Every single word that I've said is true, so I do hope the law will treat me fairly," Munan said calmly. A small commotion arose in the crowd.

Thus far, they realized Munan was as calm as ever.

Is it possible that he is really innocent and was framed? But who would be capable enough to frame him?

The judge continued the trial for a while longer. Munan's answer was the same every time. The judge tried many interrogation techniques, but his answer was constant.

It had been two hours since the trial started and Munan maintained his composure.

In the crowd, Grandfather Xi and Jiangnian were the same as him. There was no trace of anxiety or fear. They were a bulwark of support for Munan.

Lin Yun though was starting to lose her patience. She whispered at Saohuang, "This is your brilliant plan? It's completely useless!"

The guilty verdict that she wanted still hadn't arrived.

Saohuang replied with a low growl, "This is already not bad, I'm not as invincible as you assume."

He had given everything he had to take down the Xi family. The first time, he'd tried to plant the munitions at Xi Harbor, but his plan had been picked apart by Xi Mubai and Xia Xinghe. The second time, he managed to pull Xia Xinghe down, but his sacrifice was big. Now, to frame Xi Munan, he'd lost even more men.

He had done everything he could to corner Xi Family. If he could bring the Xi family down with one fell swoop, need he have waited until then?

If he was that powerful, he wouldn't have come after something as insignificant as the Xi family. He wouldn't need to lower himself to cooperate with the Lin family either.

Lin Yun knew all this, but she was anxious; she wanted to ruin the Xi family in one go.

The trial continued for a while longer and the judge pounded his gavel, announcing, "The court will take a ten-minute rest; the verdict will be announced after the court resumes."

Lin Yun said coldly, "Fine, even if we can't ruin them completely but at least this time, we manage to strike them until they're half dead!"

That's right, even though the verdict was probably a non-verdict but Munan would still be locked behind bars for further investigation.

The ten minutes were an exceptionally long for certain people.

Yan Lu's face was completely dark, he was so ready to tear the place apart. If possible, he wanted to curse at the judge. How could their boss be guilty?

F*ck, better not let me find out who framed Boss or I'll skin them alive!