Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Its Xia Xinghe
Chapter 515: It's Xia Xinghe!
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"What do you think the verdict will be?" Yan Lu asked Gu Li anxiously.

Gu Li shook his head. "I'm not sure. It definitely won't be innocent, but I don't think it's guilty either."

"F*ck, who has been framing Boss again and again?" Yan Lu huffed angrily. Gu Li looked Saohuang's way but didn't answer. Actually, he had a feeling from the very beginning that this had everything to do with Feng Saohuang, but he had no solid proof

Therefore, they could only pray for Munan.

"Miss Xia must be framed as well," Yan Lu said suddenly, "Who knows where she is now. She's a woman out there alone, things must be hard for her."

Gu Li was also worried about her. "She's so clever and capable, so I'm sure she's fine. Who knows, she might be able to find a way to clear her name," Gu Li suggested. He had no idea how right he was!

The ten minutes were finally over. The judge had come to a verdict. Due to a lack of definitive proof, he couldn't give him a guilty verdict, but since he had the most suspicions, he still had to be jailed to assist in further investigation.

The judge slammed the gavel and announced with finality, "Take the defendant away, thank you everyone for attending this hearing, the court is withdrawn"

"Let's go!" the two guards ordered Munan. Munan stood up and followed them obediently. Before he had taken more than a few steps, the entrance doors were dramatically flung open.

"Wait!" a woman announced loudly as the doors opened. Munan's eyes bulged with surprise when he saw her. Everyone there reacted the same way!

Isn't that the fugitive Xia Xinghe? Why is she here

Xinghe who was escorted by a group of the police strode in to face the judge. "Your Honor, I can provide evidence to reveal the real culprit that has dealings with the illegal organization that sold military munitions. Please give me some time and I will show everyone the truth."

The judge was baffled. "You're Xia Xinghe?"

"That's right," Xinghe admitted easily, "I'm the Xia Xinghe you're looking for."

"Why is she here?" someone finally piped up to ask. "Could it be that she's here to surrender herself?"

"It's Miss Xia, it really is Miss Xia!" Yan Lu was excited.

Gu Li was glad as well. "Could it be that she really has found the evidence to prove their innocence?"

Yan Lu nodded firmly. "It must be! Miss Xia is so good at her job; she must have found the evidence. This is good news, Boss is saved."

Munan knew he was saved. Not only him, Grandfather Xi and Jiangnian thought the same. The three of them were instantly thrilled, after so long, they finally found hope!

"You said you have proof to reveal the real culprit, where is it?" the judge asked directly. "And who is this real culprit?"

Xinghe took her time to answer. Her gaze swept the whole court. Finally, it fell on Feng Saohuang who sat at the back.

Meeting her pair of clear and sharp eyes, the bad feeling in Saohuang's heart immediately got worse!

The next second, she pointed her finger at him and declared, "That's your culpritFeng Saohuang!"