Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 522

Chapter 522 Kindness
Chapter 522: Kindness
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Before Xinghe could finish, Grandfather Xi interrupted her, "You must accept it because I've already changed the name on the deed to yours. You have to accept this no matter what."


"Just accept it, this is grandfather's kindness," Mubai said dotingly. Xinghe wanted to say, Isn't this a bit too kind?

"Xinghe, I also have a present for you," Mrs. Xi suddenly said. She had someone bring it over and needless to say, it was something extraordinary as well. It was a set of valuable, antique jade accessories!

Mrs. Xi explained, "This is a set of jewelry passed down from European royalty. It is one of a kind in this world. I used three hundred million to win the bid several years ago. Now, I give it all to you."

"Three hundred million" Xia Zhi gulped unconsciously, this was worth more than him. Mrs. Xi was definitely generous. Naturally, Xinghe tried to reject her gift but it was to no avail.

After that, Jiangnian and even Munan gave her presents. Even Old Madam Xi prepared one for her

The dinner suddenly became like Xinghe's birthday party. A bunch of extremely valuable presents suddenly piled up before Xinghe. She was at a loss facing all of the presents. Even Xia Zhi and Chengwu were speechless. This was especially touching for Chengwu; he felt his heart skipping several beats from sheer joy for Xinghe.

"This is everyone's kindness, you have to accept it all," Mubai told Xinghe with a smile.

Xinghe replied with some difficulty, "This is too much."

"Mummy, this is not much, you deserve more," Lin Lin who sat beside her said with a huge smile. He was very happy because everyone liked her mummy.

"Lin Lin is right; you deserve all this and more. I'll have the maids take these away for now, you can go through them later," Mrs. Xi ordered the maids to keep the presents and proceeded to put food on Xinghe's plate. "Here, eat some more, look at you, you've lost so much weight."

Flustered, Xinghe stood up and excused herself by saying, "I'm sorry, I have to use the bathroom."

She turned but left through the front door!

Xinghe didn't know how to deal with everyone's kindness so she chose to evade for now.

Outside, the night was cold. Xinghe walked to the garden and sat down inside an alcove.

"Sis." To her surprise, Xia Zhi followed her. He sat down opposite her and asked, "Are you unhappy?"

Xinghe shook her head. "No, I'm fine."

"Then, you must be overjoyed since you've won over the whole Xi family."

"Not really."

She was just overwhelmed by their enthusiasm.

Xia Zhi was relieved noticing she was still her old self. After that, he smiled. "Honestly, I was surprised by their kindness towards you; this is something I couldn't have imagined would happen."

"Me too."

Xia Zhi said happily, "But you deserve such good treatment. Sis, you're really formidable now, so formidable that I feel like you're not my sister anymore."

"Why would you think that?" Xinghe looked at him curiously.

"Because you're too good. How can someone as normal as myself be your brother?"

Xinghe didn't know to laugh or cry. "But only you are qualified to be my little brother."

Xia Zhi was touched when she said that.