Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Youre Paying For This
Chapter 53: You're Paying for This

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She wouldn't have done anything if Xinghe would just go off to die in her own miserable corner.

In other words, it was Xinghe's own fault for attracting her ire.

Her vicious streak surfacing, Wushuang said, "Mom, how do you think we should destroy Xinghe? I want to see her on the floor begging us for mercy or else my heart won't rest well."

Wu Rong replied with evil glee, "I say we have someone ruin her dignity!"

But to them, Xinghe was already an undignified hussy, how else were they going to ruin her dignity?

Unless they were talking about her chaste woman's dignity

Wushuang smirked as she uttered, "Mom, I understand. I know what to do next."

The mother-and-daughter pair shared a look and the diabolical smiles on their faces were eerily similar.

Wushuang had one thing right.

It was impossible for Xinghe to rise to the top overnight, accumulation of wealth and reputation takes time.

Furthermore, Xinghe didn't intend to solely rely on her own power to rise again to the top.

Wu Rong still had her inheritance, it would be dumb for her to not utilize the estate her father left behind.

But before she could take on Wu Rong, she needed some money to repackage herself.

Incidentally, Xinghe had found the perfect way to acquire that money.

Her eyes suffused with a confident glow as she stared at the screen of her laptop.

Chui Ming, the money's coming out of your pocket! It's the least you could do for hurting my family!

Xinghe had almost all of Chui Ming's information, including the current conditions of his companies.

He was, by chance, also in the web business.

The Chui Family had a lot of businesses under its name but due to the zeitgeist of the recent years, its focus had mostly shifted to computer development.

Chui Ming was the CEO of a sizeable web company called Chui Corps. However, the company's growth had stagnated due to his lackluster ability. Most of his projects were joint efforts with the Xi Empire, relying on them to claim a piece of the market.

Xi Empire was the biggest company in the country, it was unavoidable that many smaller companies would depend on them to get their projects.

Chui Ming's company's main product was a security software. It was called King Kong Internet Security. He intended to use it to seek out a partnership opportunity with Xi Empire.

Chui Ming had invested a lot into this particular project. He hired the best team to work on it.

Competition in the market was extremely strong. Elimination happened constantly for companies that couldn't catch up to technology's advancing footsteps.

The pie was only so big and everyone in the business was hungry for it.

Partnership with Xi Empire would mean an assured stream of income revenue.

In other words, Chui Ming had to seize this partnership opportunity!

The software developed by his team was extremely successful. King Kong Internet Security had been introduced to the market for a few years and the response had been incredibly positive.

Many users had opted for his software.

In terms of sales and reviews, it was miles ahead of other competing companies.

Chui Ming was pleased with the result, he was sure the partnership was a done deal. He sat waiting for the contract to arrive.

After his software was taken into the Xi Empire's operating system, every single one of the system's users would be using his security software by default

This meant an enormous amount of profit for his company. Chui Ming was smiling even in his dreams. His happiness spilled into generosity for his wife. He bought her a lot of jewelry and happily agreed to help her take revenge on Xia Xinghe.

He promised to help her complete her plan to destroy Xinghe after the partnership was signed.

Chui Ming had connections with both the police and the triad. It would be nothing for him to order a woman ruined.

His wife was kind enough to remind him to ensure that Xinghe had the 'best time of her life' before offing her.

Wushuang spent her days in a haze of happiness knowing Xia Xinghe's days were numbered. It encouraged her to serve Chui Ming to the best of her abilities.

This in turn greatly improved Chui Ming's mood but that only lasted for a while because he soon discovered something had gone seriously wrong with his security software!