Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 530

Chapter 530 Fear
Chapter 530: Fear
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Lin Yun's expression changed immediately. How can they know? Did Saohuang give them the information? That's impossible

Lin Yun's facial expressions were wholly observed by Lin Xuan. He asked softly, "Xiao Yun, what kind of evidence do they have on you?"

"Third brother, I didn't" A flustered Lin Yun tried to explain, "They're wrongly accusing me! Why would I do something illegal? They're spouting nonsense simply because they don't like me."

Mubai laughed sarcastically. "You Lin family knows perfectly well whether your family member is capable of doing illegal things or not. You're Lin Xuan, right? You cannot take Lin Yun away, she must follow us to the precinct!"

Mubai was unfamiliar with Lin Xuan. They'd only met each other once or twice during some gatherings. The only thing he knew was that Lin Xuan had a high standing in the Lin family, even though he spent most of his time overseas.

Lin Xuan smiled in greeting. "Xi Mubai, for the sake of us being family friends, do you mind telling me, what kind of crime this silly sister of mine has committed? If she is really in the wrong, we Lin family will not harbor her."

"Third brother, but I didn't." Lin Yun shook her head anxiously. "You have to believe me, I really didn't do such a thing"

"You didn't? Then what's this?" Xinghe played the recording on her phone. When Lin Yun heard it, her eyes widened in shock. Saohuang really gave them the evidence! How dare he? Have he lost his mind

Even Lin Xuan's face darkened when he heard the recording.

Xinghe said slowly, "I've sent a copy of the recording to the police chief. Lin Yun, the police have officially issued an arrest warrant for you. You'd better surrender yourself obediently and cooperate with us."

"No, the recording is fake!" Fear was written all over Lin Yun's face. She grabbed at Lin Xuan's arm frantically and begged, "Third brother, this is slander. The recording is fake, I wouldn't liaise with someone like Feng Saohuang. Third brother, you have to believe me!"

Xinghe was tired of this already. She demanded, "We'll know whether it's real or not after you follow us to the precinct."

"Xia Xinghe, watch your mouth. You're nothing, and I'm the young lady of the Lin family, who are you to order me around? Third brother, they are all bullying me, you have to help me!" Lin Yun started to cry, as if they were really accusing her.

Xinghe and Mubai's gazes turned cold. This woman sure is disgusting.

"Lin Xuan, you cannot take Lin Yun away or you'll also be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive," Mubai cut straight to the point and warned Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan suddenly pulled Lin Yun's hands away from her and consoled her, "Xiao Yun, since they say they have the evidence on you, you'd better stay behind to help with their investigation. This time, even Third Brother can't help you anymore, but don't worry, if you're innocent, we'll definitely save you."

Lin Yun was really afraid. She gawked at Lin Xuan in disbelief. With a shaking voice, she stammered, "Third brother, what, what are you talking about"

Lin Xuan used his finger to gently wipe away her tears and smiled. "Xiao Yun, our Lin family must take responsibility for what we do. Be brave; we will definitely save you."

"But" But the evidence is real. If I'm captured, then it will all be over for me.

"Third brother, I cannot go with them, I will not." Lin Yun shook her head in absolute fear, afraid that he would really abandon her.