Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 534

Chapter 534 A Ray Of Hope
Chapter 534: A Ray of Hope
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There was a myriad of thin tubes stuck to his body. Blood red liquid circulated between his body and the machine they were attached to.

The large cardiograph beside it showed a straight line; there was almost no movement. If one didn't look closer, it was as if it had flatlined.

Xinghe opened her eyes wide to study that life line like it was her own.

Lu Qi explained, "I used the latest medical device to temporarily keep him alive. The machines are there to aid in the pumping of his heart and thus blood circulation. It seems to be working, but whether this will eventually cure him I can't say for sure."

Almost choking up, Xinghe said, "No matter what, you have to keep him alive."

Lu Qi nodded. "Naturally. Don't worry, I will not give up. I will do my best to save him."

"Thank you," Xinghe said seriously. This was the first time she'd thanked someone so sincerely.

She was thankful that Lu Qi was someone who focused on medical research or else who knew what would have happened to Mubai. What would she do?

Thankfully, they were given a ray of hope to shine through the haze of despair.

"I wish to have some alone time with him," she rasped weakly. Her fatigue was returning. Lu Qi nodded understandingly and left the lab. The moment he did, Xinghe's tears started to fall uncontrollably, like a broken dam.

Studying Mubai's pale face in the receptacle, Xinghe felt her heart being stabbed again and again. Each painful second caused the sight before her to go dark. However, she forced her eyes open to carefully study every inch on Mubai's body.

The wounds on his face, head, arms, legs These were all Lin Xuan's presents to him.

She would remember this because, one day, she would repay him a hundred-fold!

No, that was not enough, she swore to destroy the entire Lin family! Or else, her heart wouldn't rest!

Xinghe stayed in the lab alone for an hour before exiting. When she came out, her whole person looked drained. She was completely exhausted, the little color she had earlier had completely disappeared.

Xia Zhi moved forward and asked with concern, "Sis, are you alright?"

"Miss Xia, drink this." Lu Qi passed her a bottle of energy drink. Xinghe reached forward to accept it, but the moment she did, her hands slumped weakly down her sides.

"Here." Xia Zhi took the bottle and fed her the drink. With some difficulties, Xinghe finished the bottle. She felt better immediately, at least the world stopped spinning.

"Miss Xia, I will try my best to save Mubai so don't worry too much. You have to take care of your health," Lu Qi reminded her kindly.

Xinghe nodded. "I know."

She would do anything for a speedy recovery because there were many things waiting for her to complete!

"Back to the hospital," Xinghe told Xia Zhi and he nodded. "Okay."

However, as they left Lu Qi's building, they saw a large, fit man waiting for them at the entrance.

He was in a black pressed suit and stood in profile away from them. His handsome features looked strikingly similar to Mubai.