Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Send Him To The Depths Of Hell
Chapter 535: Send Him to the Depths of Hell
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At that moment, Xinghe's heart skipped a beat, thinking that was Mubai, but it was not, it was Munan.

Munan turned around and saw them. He whispered, "Big Sister Xia, can we have a moment?"

Xinghe nodded and Xia Zhi walked away on his own, giving them some privacy.

Munan pushed Xinghe's wheelchair to a nearby bench. He sat down beside her and said directly, "This incident has surprised us all. When we received the news yesterday, almost the whole family collapsed"

Even though Munan hid it well, Xinghe could hear the sadness and anger bubbling under the surface.

"Big Brother has always been the family's pride and hope, a legend in many people's hearts. We all assumed he would be that way all his life, the one standing at the forefront holding the family's future up all on his own. But who would have thought something like this would happen.

"The police are currently looking into this; we all suspect this is the work of Saohuang's underlings. He might be in captivity, but his lackeys are still out there."

"No, it wasn't him; it was Lin Xuan," Xinghe suddenly interjected.

Munan looked at her with plain disbelief. "What did you say"

Xinghe looked him in the eyes, making sure that he saw the hatred swirling in there. "It's the Lin family's doing; they are behind this!"

"But how Lin Yun was also in the car, wasn't she? Blowing the car up killed her too."

Xinghe laughed mirthlessly. "That was their plan to begin with. I underestimated them. They would kill their own to save the family's reputation. So what if Lin Yun was from the Lin family; she caused her family damage and thus she had to be removed! After all, with her death, Saohuang's crime couldn't be linked to the Lin family and they would also kill Mubai in the process, causing the Xi family a devastating blow."

Munan was shocked. "They were willing to kill one of their own because of something like that? How how can they be so heartless?"

Xinghe stared at the space before her frigidly. "There are all kinds of people in this world."

"So they are the one who caused Big Brother's death!" Hatred burned within Munan. He clenched his fists tightly. "The Lin family has gone over the line this time, they must be destroyed!" Munan hissed. His eyes red with anger.

"Don't forget me!" Xinghe opened her mouth to say, "You mustn't leave me out of this. I will personally send them to hell!"

Especially that Lin Xuan, she would make him pay dearly!

Munan started to worry. "Big Sister Xia, will they come after you? After all, you're a witness to their crime."

"They won't," Xinghe assured him. "From the brazen ways Lin Xuan acted, one can see that he thinks highly of himself and above the law. After all, even if the police suspect him, there is no proof. He probably wouldn't care about a female survivor like myself. Furthermore, if something happens to me, the suspicion on him will only deepen. The Lin family will be too careful to do more than what they have already done."

"But we cannot be too careful. I will assign some men to protect you from now on."

"Thank you." Xinghe didn't reject his suggestion.

Munan took a look at her and went back to consoling her, "Big Sister Xia, don't be too sad. I'm sure a miracle will happen for Big Brother"

You really think so?

Xinghe and everyone knew the possibility of Mubai recovering was extremely small because his vitals were simply too weak.