Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 537

Chapter 537 Search For Xia Meng
Chapter 537: Search for Xia Meng
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While she was recovering, Xinghe spent every waking hour trying to figure out a way to fight the Lin family.

She scanned through all of the information available on the Lin family; she was tipped off by Lin Xuan's data because it was too simple. He grew up in such a normal way, studied, and worked overseas

His life was similar to millions of normal people out there. His biography was straight forward and orderly, too straight forward and orderly in fact, because would someone with his supposed background carry a mini bomb with him and kill his cousin without batting an eye?

Therefore, there must be something at work beneath his seemingly unimpressive surface!

No matter what it was, if Xinghe was on his case, he would be found out soon enough!

A month had passed. Xinghe had recovered for the most part. Mubai was still the same though. Their hope had changed from him getting better to his conditions staying the same and not worsening.

In this one month, other than researching on the Lin family, Xinghe had even paid Xia Meng a visit. This was the first time they'd met after their identities switched back.

However, the current Xia Meng was no longer the old Xia Meng. She had a new identity and a new name, Liu Xiaoxiao.

That was her host's name. She was an orphan with nothing going for her. In other words, Xiaoxiao was a common young woman surviving at the fringe of the society. After Xia Meng became her, she didn't use even one cent of the huge amount of money Mubai gave her.

When Xinghe located Xia Meng, she was working in a restaurant. Her job was a waitress helping the customers with their orders and general cleaning. It was a busy but rewarding job.

Xinghe waited for half an hour before there was a break in Xia Meng's schedule.

Xia Meng sat down across from Xinghe and asked nervously, "Do you have anything you need from me?"

No matter how long it had been, she still felt fearful and guilty towards Xinghe.

Xinghe was her usual self. She asked directly, "Didn't Mubai give you a large sum of money?"

Xia Meng nodded sheepishly. "Mr. Xi did do that, but I haven't used any of it."

"Why not?"

For some reason, Xia Meng felt that the Xinghe before her had gotten more reserved and aloof. It was as if Xinghe was disappearing into nature, like a nun that had seen the world and no longer cared about it.

Therefore, Xia Meng knew she was only being perfunctory. Regardless she answered truthfully, "Because I wanted to give myself a change. I realized I was too nave and too dependent on others which caused me to make some bad decisions in my earlier life. I've thought long and hard about this; if I can stand up on my own, I believe my life will be different. Therefore, I don't want to use Mr. Xi's money; I want to fight for my life using my own strength" Xia Meng continued happily, "After a few more months of work, I will have saved enough to return to school. I will give myself a new start with this new identity."

"Congratulations," was all Xinghe said. Xia Meng blushed slightly before asking again, "Then why did you come looking for me?"

"I want to locate your father." Xinghe finally stated her purpose.

Xia Meng was surprised. "My father? Why would you want to find him, is it because of the memory cells?"

"His medical skill is very good, isn't it?"