Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 542

Chapter 542 Xinghe Is Unreliable
Chapter 542: Xinghe Is Unreliable
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It wouldn't be unfair to say Bao Hwa was making use of their misfortune to serve its own end.

"Actually, we have been trying to buy back the stocks from our shareholders, but Bao Hwa seems to be purposely coming for us. They seek out the same shareholder we're in discussions with and even use the double price to buy the shares from them," Haoran said seriously.

Xinghe's eyes sharpened. "What is their main business?"

"Jewelry," one of them answered.

Junting added, "They are the top company in the jewelry business, number one in the whole of Hwa Xia in fact."

"But jewelry and computing are two completely different industries," Xinghe said softly.

Junting asked, "Miss Xia, do you think something bigger is going on? Of course, we also think that they are purposely suppressing Xi Empire. This is very obvious."

Furthermore, Bao Hwa was in City A and the Lin family was in City A. Xinghe couldn't afford to be too careful.

"I will check this out. You all can return for now; I will call you when I have a plan."

"" Junting and the rest were stunned. That's all? The meeting was less than an hour.

Xinghe didn't give them any suggestions or proposals and had them leave already? Wasn't the meeting too simplified?

Seeing as they didn't seem prepared to leave, Xinghe asked softly, "Is there anything else?"

"That's all!" Junting said in a hurry, "Miss Xia, please don't hesitate to call us if you need anything."

"Okay. Zhi, please help me show the guests out."

Xinghe concluded the meeting just like that.

The moment they left her villa, Haoran frowned. "CEO Tang, my doubts towards this Xia Xinghe still haven't dissipated. Throughout the whole meeting, she only asked one or two questions and we didn't even have an actual discussion. Can we really rely on her?"

Junting nodded solemnly. "Don't worry, it'll be fine."

However, internally, he was starting to have second thoughts of his own. Miss Xia, please don't disappoint us or I don't think I'll be able to support you any longer

Xia Zhi was still at the door when they were complaining so he heard everything. After he closed the door, he rushed to Xinghe's side to complain, "Sis, that bespectacled guy is slandering you behind your back!"

Xinghe didn't have much reaction. "What did he say?"

"He said you're unreliable and he doubts if you can save the company."

"That's all?"

"Other than senior, none of them believe in you."

Xinghe nodded understandingly. "That's normal. Just ignore them, come follow me to the study."

"Why are we going there?" Xia Zhi asked.

"To investigate Bao Hwa."

Others might not be able to get any information on Bao Hwa but Xinghe could. As long as the information was available online it was available to her. After some research, she realized wherein the issue lay.

Bao Hwa's registrar, its biggest shareholder, was Lin Jing.

"It's her," Xinghe stared at the name and said coldly. Xia Zhi had been helping Xinghe with her Lin family research, so he was familiar with their family tree.

"Could it be Lin Family's fifth miss, Lin Xuan's biological sister?" Xia Zhi gasped.

Xinghe nodded. "It's should be her."

Xia Zhi grumbled angrily, "No wonder they've been targeting Xi Empire. This is all the Lin family's handiwork, what exactly are they up to"