Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 551

Chapter 551 Shes Betting
Chapter 551: She's Betting
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Xi Empire flipped Bao Hwa's stocks for five times, that did surprise Lin Jing. She thought triple was already the maximum, but they increased the price again following her counter-attack. This went to show Xi Empire's desire to fight to the death with her.

Earlier, Lin Jing had confidence to take down Xi Empire, but now, her confidence was slightly shaken. After all, Bao Hwa's capital was indeed far lower than Xi Empire's.

If she continued to increase the purchase price, the other shareholders would definitely step in. Even though, she had a few that definitely stood on her side and she held the most stock, but she couldn't just ignore the shareholders' opinions.

However, if she didn't increase the price, Bao Hwa would be stuck in an awkward situation. If she had stopped the first time around, things wouldn't have been so difficult. She didn't expect Xi Empire to respond so quickly to her retaliation!

The question was to increase purchase price or not. This was like a gamble; she thought she had a good hand, so she kept upping the bet. However, her opponent was even more vicious than her.

She had no idea whether her opponent was bluffing or really did had a royal flush. If it was the former than it would be fine, but if it was the latter she could lose everything in this one gamble.

Lin Jing might be confident, but she didn't dare to make rash decision.

She called a shareholder's meeting, and no one was in support of using more money to buy out Xi Empire's stocks. They were already running low on company assets when Xi Empire's stocks tripled, they definitely wouldn't be able to survive buying them at five times the price.

"This is only a tactic," Lin Jing analyzed, "We don't have to buy every stock from Xi Empire. We can set a rule, unless they have more than five percent, we will not be interested. Those with more than five percent stock are few and they will be loyal to Xi Empire. At this moment, we need momentum. If we don't do this, Xi Empire will be given the chance to rise again and our plan to swallow them will fail. We've given up so much already, stopping now would be a waste, don't you agree?"

"CEO Lin," one of them finally said, "It's not that we are not in support of your decision, but we don't think it is necessary to use so much money to buy Xi Empire's stocks. We will not be able to sell them at this price; this is not a good trade."

Lin Jing said coldly, "I'm aiming for the whole Xi Empire. When the whole company is ours, you don't even need to worry about selling the stocks anymore."

"But the Xi family themselves have 50 percent of the shares; we will not be able to get those."

"As long as Xi Empire continues to deteriorate, they will have to liquefy their stocks to collect funds. We will buy them out then, and Xi Empire will be ours."

"But we won't have any funds left to purchase their stocks."

"That's why we have to suppress them to make their stock price fall. If we don't maintain this momentum, how is their stock price going to fall?"

The shareholders looked at one another with dubious expressions. They felt Lin Jing was being too brash. She was gambling without any thought for the consequences.

However, it was undeniable that she was capable or else she wouldn't have created Bao Hwa at her young age.

Bao Hwa's turnover in her hands rocketed in the past few years and quickly became the lynchpin of the jewelry scene. That had many things to do with her audacity and bravery.