Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Face Slapping
Chapter 564: Face Slapping
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It might not be the world's largest diamond, but it was definitely the most perfect. It attracted people's attention naturally, and most importantly, this kind of diamond wouldn't normally appear in a business jeweler's showcase!

This was something shown in private collections or national museums. The moment the pink diamond was revealed, the showcase's status immediately elevated.

Bao Hwa might have done showcases in the past, but all of their showstopper pieces combined couldn't rival this one pink diamond. Their criticisms towards this showcase were instantly dissolved. This was indeed a peerless jewelry showcase.

Everyone couldn't help but lean forward for a closer look. The media's flash had never once stopped. The public's audible gasps and camera shutter clicks were like audible slaps to Lin Jing's face.

She tried her best to appear unaffected, but the twitch in her lips belied her real feelings. Furthermore, the frustration in her eyes couldn't be mistaken. She didn't think Xi Empire would obtain this pink diamond to end their exhibit!

"Many years ago, this pink diamond once appeared in Country Y's billionaire's private collection."

"I know, this beauty came from his own mine. It was shown once after it was cut, but after that one showing, the diamond seemed to have disappeared from the world."

"That year, this pink diamond was valued at eight billion."

"Now, I believe the price wouldn't be lower than eighty billion."

"Beautiful, just beautiful."

"Xi Empire sure is our country's most powerful company since they managed to acquire such a gem for this showcase."

"This shall be the most memorable moment of my life."

A wizened elderly jeweler lamented excitedly, "I can now rest in peace having laid eyes on the most perfect diamond in the world!"

Ou Yang Qin smiled listening to their reaction. He turned to the crowd and asked, "Everyone, dare I ask is this showcase not without peers?"

The bunch of jewelers' faces all burned with shame. They were all handed a sound slap to the face for having doubted the quality of the showcase earlier.

"Of course, it is!"

The crowd nodded, any more complaints would be nitpicking.

After all, Ou Yang Family's jewels alone were more than enough to shut their mouths, much less this pink diamond.

If they still purposely found fault, then it would be stepping out of bounds. They were not that conceited.

"Miss Lin seems to have something to say," Xinghe suddenly brought the spotlight down on Lin Jing.

Everyone involuntarily turned to look at Lin Jing and they saw the gloom on her face.

They were again reminded of the beef between Bao Hwa and Xi Empire. Now that Xi Empire's jewelry showcase was a runaway success, it would surely piss Lin Jing off.

However, this Lin Jing was narrow-minded. Even though it was a stretch asking her to be happy for her opponent, did she really need to look so sour openly?