Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 57

Chapter 57 She Had The Qualification To Be Arrogant
Chapter 57: She had the Qualification to be Arrogant

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Xia Zhi felt vindicated. At least he didn't take the beating for nothing.

They deserved whatever punishment his sister threw at them.

Since Chui Ming had raised the reward money, it was time for Xinghe to take action.

Using the username 001, she contacted Chui Corps, offering her help to take down the mysterious virus. Chui Ming took her bait almost instantly. He was actually overjoyed to see someone capable respond to his plea.

He wanted Xinghe to get rid of the virus immediately, and he would bank in the money when he saw the result.

I'll get back to you in 2 hours , was Xinghe's reply.

"Sis, so you're the famous 001!" Xia Zhi exclaimed when he peeked and saw Xinghe's username, "I heard a new hacker by the name of 001 shook up the hacker's world in City T with their appearance, I had no idea that's you!"

Xinghe didn't feel the need to hide things from Xia Zhi so she readily admitted it.

Xia Zhi suddenly felt a great sense of accomplishment and prestige.

Like how one would feel when one's closest friend or family member revealed themselves as a world superstar.

It is the exultant feeling knowing someone close to you is an impressive individual.

However, Xia Zhi also chided himself for his stupidity. He should have figured out 001's identity sooner. The overlapping timeline of Xinghe's memory recovery and 001's appearance should have been a giant clue.

Xia Zhi could see his sister's name exploding after this event.

Her reputation would greatly increase after the world knew it was her who helped Chui Corps!

Then again, there was a lurking peril in all of these. "Sis, aren't you worried they will suspect it was you who created the virus in the first place?"

After all, 001 managed to take down the virus no one else could, that had to raise some eyebrows.

Xinghe fixed her eyes on her computer as her fingers tapped on the keyboard. She answered, "So what if they do?"

"If they have the slightest suspicion you're the culprit, Chui Ming will not let you off easy."

"They need to find out who I am first," Xinghe said confidently. Others might take her answer as arrogance, but Xia Zhi knew she was only being factual.

Also, what if she was being arrogant, she had the qualification to be so.

With a simple virus, she almost bankrupted Chui Corps. Therefore, it would be impossible for Chui Corps' lesser programmers to be able to track her down.

Chui Ming also wouldn't be able to discern her identity from 001's bank information.

The transaction happened through a third party. It was a highly-mysterious hacker's group that conducted every affair that passed through its door in absolute secrecy. They would not sell Xinghe out to Chui Ming.

As a precaution, Xinghe also falsified her own IP address, in case the hacker's party was strong-armed by Chui Ming into releasing her information.

Lastly, Xinghe made sure to not give Chui Ming reasons to suspect her.

For that, she not only neutralized the virus, but also pointed out the few loopholes in his software.

She offered ways to improve them. She hid her true intentions behind her apparent kindness.

Xia Zhi was a bundle of nerves. "Sis, they asked for your help to deal with the virus, why are you helping them improve their software?"

Did she forget Chui Ming was their enemy?

Xinghe looked at him and said lightly, "Even with my improvements, from my perspective, their security software is still no better than a freeware."

Xia Zhi frowned contemplatively, adding, "Even so, there's no need for you to help them."

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

Xia Zhi stopped bugging her. After what Xinghe said, he knew she must have her reasons for doing what she did.