Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Listen Up World Xia Xinghe Is Back
Chapter 58: Listen Up World, Xia Xinghe is Back!

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Chui Ming was initially suspicious of 001 but that suspicion quickly dispersed after 001 voluntarily helped him improve his software.

For his part, he immediately banked in the reward money.

Chui Ming even threw in an added 1,000,000, making the total 11,000,000 RMB!

001, I hope we can extend this cooperation, my company welcomes you with open arms , Chui Ming offered.

Like Mubai, he was willing to spend for talent.

I prefer to do freelancing , Xinghe replied before logging off.

Simultaneously, she received a message alert on her phone, the 11,000,000 RMB was in the bank!

Xinghe gave an uncharacteristically wide smile, adding, "Zhi, let's go shop for a car tomorrow. You can pick anything you like that is under 5,000,000 RMB."

Xia Zhi's eyes bulged with surprise.

He felt happiness sweeping through him like a tornado, he couldn't stop it even if he wanted to.

Then again, he really didn't want to. Let the winds of happiness ravage me! he screamed internally.

That night, he changed his status on his social media and it had remained the same for many years to come.

It was World Dominating with Superhero Sister!

After the euphoric Xia Zhi bounced back to his own bedroom, Xinghe was left alone.

She looked at her own two hands as they closed together as if sealing down her own destiny.

Yes, finally, her fate was firmly clutched in her own hands!

She was not going to let God dictate her life anymore.

And thus, the journey of her glorious life officially began

She would make those that once bullied her, insulted her, and taken advantage of her eat their words.

She was determined to attend Lin Lin's birthday party that was held the day after tomorrow in her best condition.

She would show Lin Lin that his mom is an incredible woman.

The world had better watch out, because Xia Xinghe is back!

The Xi Family's young master's birthday party was the talk of town even when it was just leading up to it.

Everyone that received the invitation paraded it around because it meant that they had a certain social importance.

Tianxin had prepared long and hard for this party.

This was her first public appearance after her relationship with Mubai was confirmed. She had to make sure she was the star of the show.

She needed everyone to know, from then onwards, she would be Xi Family's new mistress of the house. She wanted to send a message, Xi Mubai was hers!

Thoughts of how people would adore her and throw her envious looks made her laugh out loud.

Old Mrs. Chu happened to open her bedroom door then. She chuckled when she saw her daughter laughing to herself holding her tailored made gown in front of her, "Tianxin, what's so funny?"

"Nothing, I'm just very happy." Tianxin replied joyfully.

As the saying goes, mother knows best. "Thinking about tomorrow's party?" Old Mrs. Chu asked knowingly.

"Mom, do you think I'll be prettiest there tomorrow?" Tianxin asked expectantly as she twirled about with the gown.

Old Mrs. Chu replied proudly, "Of course! My daughter is a natural beauty, she's the prettiest no matter where it is. Plus, you'll be marrying Xi Mubai, no one will be able to outshine you."

"If only Xia Xinghe is there," flattered, Tianxin let slip her inner thought.

Old Mrs. Chu frowned and said, "Why would you want her there?"

"She is after all Xi Lin's mother, she has all the rights to be there. I'll call Mubai later to have him invite her."

"Why would you want to invite an eyesore?" Old Mrs. Xi disagreed vehemently.

The hussy stole her daughter's match. She hated Xinghe with a passion.