Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 583

Chapter 583 Invited By The President
Chapter 583: Invited by the President
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For some reason, he felt something bigger than he realized was afoot.

However, he soon found out what was going when Grandfather Xi pulled him to the side and explained everything to him. "Lu Qi, we are out of ideas now, so we have try everything. If the Lin family gets the presidency, it's over for all of us. Therefore, we have to trouble you this time, you have to try your best to treat his illness, and if you can't, try your best to delay the inevitable as long as you can."

"So, that's why." Lu Qi nodded. "I've been so busy recently that such a big piece of news just flew over my head. Elder Xi, do not worry, I know what to do. I will try to not disappoint!"

"Thank you, I represent the whole Xi family in thanking you," Grandfather Xi said with much appreciation.

Lu Qi smiled. "There's no need to be so ceremonious. Our two families have always been family friends; I'm glad that I'm able to be of help."

Regardless, Grandfather Xi was thankful because he had given them a ray of hope. The Xi family would not go down so easily because many people were actually standing on their side

That night, the Xi family did not rest. The next morning, before the sun even rose, the news that Lu Qi had managed to save Mubai's life back from the clutches of death was spread across the whole internet.

Not only that, Jiangsan represented Xi Empire to donate ten billion to charity and five billion to Lu Qi's medical funds.

This piece of news sent shockwaves throughout the whole country. Xi Mubai was coming back and Xi Empire was surely generous!

This news soon became the most talked about topic within Hwa Xia. It became the trending topic on all the search engines. Therefore, even the people in City A knew about this news.

Furthermore, Lu Qi came from a good family and was already famed for his medical skills, so the validity of the news was not questioned. As they had expected, that day itself, Lu Qi received a mysterious call from City A. He really was being summoned to take care of the president!

However, since the news of the president's illness was not yet released, Lu Qi left without notice; the only party in the know was the Xi family. With Lu Qi in City A, Xinghe temporarily didn't have to leave for City A. If Lu Qi could cure the president's sickness, then the Lin family's plan would fail.

Not only that, they probably would make some mistakes due to the sense of urgency. The opportunity that they had been waiting for all their lives was suddenly taken away, so how could they not get agitated?

The moment people lose their cool is the moment mistakes happen. These were exactly the moment Xinghe was waiting for!

As Xinghe expected, Lu Qi's arrival shocked and annoyed the Lin family. It was only after Lu Qi arrived at the president's house that they found out about his presence. It was the Madam President who personally invited Lu Qi, so news was of it kept a secret from everyone.

"Madam, you should have discussed with us before inviting Lu Qi over," Elder Lin said nonchalantly, even though his intention was far more pointed than that. He, too, had heard about Lu Qi before and had been trying his best to prevent them from finding him, but in the end, he failed.

It was one thing if Lu Qi couldn't save the president, but what if he did?

Everything that they had prepared would go to waste. These thoughts darkened Elder Lin's heart.

Of course, Madam President was clueless to his real thoughts. She assumed this was because he had reservations about Lu Qi's capability.