Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 584

Chapter 584 Elder Lin
Chapter 584: Elder Lin
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She explained demurely, "I did intend to discuss this with you, but I was too caught up with other things. However, Lu Qi is Senator Lu's grandson and is a doctor with a good reputation. He is trustworthy."

Elder Li smiled kindly. "Of course, I'm not doubting his character. I'm just worried his age might hold him back."

The Madam President smiled slightly. "Why would you worry about that? You, too, have heard about the Xi family's situation. Xi Mubai was already dying and no other doctors managed to save him, but this Lu Qi has done the impossible. It is because I read about this news yesterday that I decided to have him over."

Elder Lin's eyes glowered darkly. It's that Xi family again!

He was privy to Xi Mubai's news as well; it was impossible not to hear about it. The Xi family had given it their all to get the best PR out of the situation, so the news was practically known by everyone in the nation. Therefore, he suspected this was done on purpose.

Perhaps they found out about the president's condition, and this is a way for them to prevent my Lin family from winning the election, since if this Lu Qi manages to cure the president, there would be no need for an election! The plan may be clever, but it is another issue whether the young doctor can heal the president or not!

It had to be said the Elder Lin was a shrewd old man; he saw through the Xi family's ploy easily. However, like all villains in such novels, he was guilty of the sin of pride. He was confident that Lu Qi would be unable to cure the president, after all, so many doctors more experienced than him were unable to do that.

The most Lu Qi could do was stabilize the president's condition, eventually he would have to die. However, it was not only due to luck that the Lin family was able to achieve its position that day, Elder Lin was a cautious character. He had to take precautions just in case Lu Qi managed the impossible.

Very soon, Lu Qi finished giving the president a cursory diagnosis.

The madam president stepped forward and asked, "How is he?"

Elder Lin followed closely behind her. They looked at him expectantly, but the hopes they harbored were the complete opposites.

Lu Qi looked at them and greeted them politely before answering, "He's not looking so well. The president's heart has weakened quite an amount. Due to his old age and weak physical, undergoing heart surgery will be extremely risky."

The madam president nodded. "That's right, the other doctors said the same thing. Surgery is out of the question since it'll most likely only make his conditions worse. However, if we just stand here and do nothing, his conditions will only worsen."

"Unfortunately, that is true however, Madam President don't worry, I will temporarily stabilize his condition while we come up with a better solution."

"You can do that?" Madam President was pleasantly surprised. If her husband couldn't be cured, keeping him alive was still better than nothing.

Lu Qi nodded and answered truthfully, "That much I can still do, but we have to solve the root of the problem soon enough or else"

"I understand!" Madam President nodded. "As long as you try your best, it is fine. Even if it's just minimizing his pain, that is good enough. The rest we can only leave it to fate."

Lu Qi had a good impression of the madam president; she was a reasonable and respectful patroness.

"Don't worry, I will try my best," Lu Qi promised. "But I hope Madam President will advise the president to take it easy and not overwork himself."

Indeed, at his condition, the president was still working