Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 595

Chapter 595 Most Powerful Heiress
Chapter 595: Most Powerful Heiress
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Lin Qian smiled as she watched Tong Yan walk away. Xia Xinghe, we'll see whether you can whether this storm. You said I can't make the decision to force you to leave, well, I found you someone who can!

Madam President was infertile, so she kept Tong Yan around her side at all times, so in a way, Tong Yan was as powerful as the president's daughter. The Shen family, which Tong Yan hailed from, was one of the founding fathers, so her power was immeasurable.

This time Xinghe had stepped on Tong Yan's toes, so tragedy would definitely befall her. An heiress like Tong Yan who was raised in the lap of luxury couldn't stand people not bowing down before them. They were blessed from birth, as long as they didn't do something awfully serious, everyone would turn to a blind eye to what they did.

It was one thing for Xinghe to maintain her arrogance in City T, but in City A where royalty roamed the social circles, one small misstep and her life could be over!

This Tong Yan definitely had the power to end Xinghe's puny life if she wanted to. Furthermore, she was close to the Lin family and had a long-time crush on Lin Xuan. Therefore, it didn't bode well for Xinghe.

Lin Qian waited happily for the news of Xinghe's eviction. Tong Yan didn't disappoint and rushed to the Madam President to make her complaints.

"Auntie, that woman is nothing but an idiot, how can you keep her around to cure uncle? Uncle's physical condition is so important; there can't be any room for mistakes. That woman doesn't know anything about medicine, so there must be a sinister reason why she's so adamant to stay!" Tong Yan pulled on the Madam President's elbow and groused like a little girl.

The Madam President smiled good-naturedly listening to her. "I already know she doesn't know medicine; Lu Qi has already told me all of this before he asked for her to come here. So, don't worry, she'll be fine."

Tong Yan frowned. "Since she doesn't know medicine, why did you agree for her to be here? What can she do?"

"Why do you need to know that? This is the adults' business; you don't need to worry yourself over it." The Madam President obviously didn't want to discuss this with her. However, Tong Yan was not satisfied.

She demanded openly, "Auntie, I don't like her, so you must chase her away. She hurt Sister Lin Jing and is responsible for Sister Lin Yun's death. Plus, you said she is not a doctor, so she must not be a good person. Auntie, you have to chase her out; we mustn't let her stay to harm anyone else."

Being raised by Madam President had made Tong Yan a willful child because, no matter her demands, Madam President would usually entertain her as long as they were within a reasonable range.

Therefore, she thought when she named her demands openly, her auntie would surrender to her demands like usual, after all, this was just to evict a common woman.

To her surprise and annoyance, Madam President denied her request!

"Little Yan, there's a reason why I've agreed to let her stay here. I know perfectly well whether she is a good person or not, so you don't worry your little head over something like that. By the way, you haven't visited auntie for quite some time; tell me what you have been up to"

Tong Yan might be willful, but she was not dumb. She understood her auntie was purposely changing the subject.

She was her favorite niece, so how could she reject such a small request from her? Tong Yan felt heavily aggrieved, but she didn't show it outwardly.

Simultaneously, her hatred towards Xinghe and determination to chase her away towards had increased greatly!