Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 597

Chapter 597 No One Can Pull Me Down
Chapter 597: No One Can Pull Me Down
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She went about spreading nasty rumors about Xinghe, saying that she was a murderer, an escaped convict, and all the bad things in the world. Due to her identity, no one dared to stop or counter her. Not one person went to tell Madam President about her bullying. After all, who had the guts to do that?

Madam President would scold Tong Yan lightly because, at the end of the day, they were one family. If anything, she would probably have more issues with the tattle-tale. Furthermore, the Shen family and Tong family weren't pushovers

Now, she also had the Lin family behind her. Tong Yan was practically invincible.

Therefore, when the people saw how much Tong Yan hated Xinghe, they didn't dare to associate themselves with Xinghe anymore. Everyone pooled together and isolated her; she was given the worst seat during meetings and even leftovers at the canteen!

There was rarely any meat and when there was, she could see the bite marks on it. In any case, Xinghe was forced into becoming a vegetarian when she was there because that was the only food that looked edible.

Everyone would give her disgusted side-glances when they walked past her. If this was not the president's house, they probably would have done much worse.

Lu Qi was incensed noticing these acts of bullying, but Xinghe was not affected by them.

"This is nothing, compared to my revenge plot, these are nothing but childish tricks," Xinghe told him with a shrug. Lu Qi knew she was a strong person, but he couldn't help but worry. "But don't you feel aggrieved?"

Xinghe laughed. "Why would I? I never understood the meaning of that. If I feel unsatisfied then I will do something about it. In this world, no one will be able to make me feel wronged. Why give them the satisfaction?"

Lu Qi smiled, her confidence rubbing off on him. "You're right, only those who have their mistakes pointed out would feel wronged. If the heart is strong, nothing will be able to bring us down. Looks like I've underestimated you again; no wonder Mubai loves you so. He must have seen through to the real you from the very beginning."

Xinghe was shocked by this revelation. Did Mubai really understand who she was after she recovered her memory?

He had never told her that. She knew his attitude towards her had suddenly changed but she had no idea why.

"I'm curious, were you like this when you two divorced?" Lu Qi couldn't help but dig for some gossip.

Xinghe didn't hide it and shook her head. "No."

"Then, what kind of person were you then?"

"I was not really a person, like soulless husk, not even interested in talking to people."

Lu Qi suddenly remembered the old rumors that something was mentally wrong with Mubai's wife. She was reticent, kept herself isolated from others, and would stumble soullessly like a doll from day to day. Now he realized that she must have spent that period completely focusing on rediscovering herself, so she didn't have the capacity to busy herself with anything else.

However, everything had changed. She had found herself and her confidence; she was like a new woman.

"Xinghe, I'm sure whatever you attempt in the future, it'll always be successful," Lu Qi said with an impressed sigh.

Xinghe smiled. "Perhaps. However, it is true that our design will be completed soon."

Lu Qi's face immediately broke into a wide smile. "Indeed, after so many endless nights, success is finally within our grasp!"

However, at that time, Tong Yan's patience had also reached its very limit.