Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 607

Chapter 607 Hes Coming
Chapter 607: He's Coming!
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Elder Xi's tone reflected his depressed mood. "Okay, I understand. I'll figure out a way to save her soon. If there are any updates, call me."

"Okay," Cairn promised before hanging up.

When Elder Xi prepared to call the president, another call came in for him. It was from the hospital. Elder Xi's heart stopped, afraid that it would be bad news about Mubai. He pressed the accept call button with a shaking hand.

The doctor's cheerful voice drifted out. "Elder Xi, congratulation. Young Master Xi is awake!"

Elder Xi stood up from sheer joy. "What did you say"

"Young Master Xi is awake; he's finally awake!"

This was a wonderful news for the Xi family. They immediately rushed to the hospital and a conscious Mubai greeted them.

Even though he had just woken up, his eyes were as sharp as a tack. He leaned on the bedrest, his spirit as one just woken up from a fruitful sleep. It was as if the past few months didn't even happen for him.

Mrs. Xi broke down and hugged him. "Mubai, you're finally awake! Mommy has been waiting for this moment for so long."

Mubai's eyes scanned the crowd rapidly but he didn't see Xinghe among them. Even though Xinghe was saved from the explosion, he still couldn't stop worrying until he saw her in person.

"Where is Xinghe?" Mubai opened his mouth to ask.

Elder Xi said with difficulties, "Since you've awakened, then you have the right to know. Just moments ago, something happened to her."

Mubai's pupils widened and his tone dropped for several degrees. "Grandfather, what did you say?"

"Mubai, many things happened while you were out of it" Elder Xi filled Mubai in on all the recent development.

When he finished, he sighed. "There's nothing we could do but let her go to City A alone, we didn't think she would suddenly disappear like this. We suspect that she has been kidnapped, but don't worry, I've contacted the president and he has promised to send his men to go look for her."

Even so, Mubai couldn't rest his beating heart. He sat up and pulled off the covers.

Mrs. Xi stopped him immediately. "Mubai, what are you doing?"

"Going to City A!" Mubai answered with fierce determination. This shocked everyone there.

"You cannot do that. You've only just woken up, you cannot put too much pressure on your body so soon. We will figure out a way to solve Xinghe's issue, you just need to stay put," Elder Xi advised him.

Mubai's dark eyes met him and these forceful words tumbled out of his mouth, "Grandfather, you yourself have said something bad has happened to her, so how can you expect me to sit idle here in the hospital? I have to go to City A. I will not allow anything to happen to her or else giving me back this life would have been a waste!"


Elder Xi and the rest were stunned beyond words. If something were to happen to Xinghe, Mubai would surrender his new lease on life as well?

They finally understood his conviction and didn't stop him anymore. Mubai called a private jet and flew to City A.

Xinghe had no idea he was coming; she was still struggling to find a way to save herself.

The Lin family had no clue he was coming as well.

A storm was going to rage at City A. However, it was unknowable who would remain when the clouds cleared and who would disappear in the storm