Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 618

Chapter 618 Blinding Flashes
Chapter 618: Blinding Flashes
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"Spent time working alongside each other?" Mubai's tone had dropped several degrees.

Lu Qi was speechless. What is the meaning of this? Xi Mubai is jealous? Is this really necessary?

"Tell the butler to get us a new doctor. Doctor Lu, please return to your responsibility of taking care of the president, commoners such as ourselves don't dare to take Doctor Lu away from his important responsibility." Mubai then pushed Xinghe into the mansion not giving her a chance to say anything.

Lu Qi called after them with a pained expression, "Mubai, I practically saved your life, is this the way to treat your life savior?"

Alas, Mubai didn't even turn around to acknowledge him and Xinghe was hastily pulled along into the house.

Lu Qi grumbled disappointedly to Ali's group, "Tell me, what is happening? Does Mubai need to be so jealous of something as small as this? Have you ever seen something as ridiculous as this?"

To his frustration, they nodded in unison.

"We have."

"Worse than this in fact!"

"Yours is a small case."

"Trust me, you've not seen the true extent of that guy's jealousy."

Lu Qi was struck speechless. God, tell me, am I crazy or what's happening

Under Mubai's wintry gaze, Lu Qi was still charitable enough to take a look at their conditions.

"Miss Xia is perfectly fine," Lu Qi concluded lightly, to save himself the trouble, he didn't dare call her directly Xinghe anymore. "You, on the other hand, shouldn't have exerted yourself so much when you'd only just recovered; you're going to waste my energy in saving your life."

Xinghe frowned. "Is his condition serious?"

Beside her, Mubai said in a matter-of-fact fashion, "I'm fine."

Lu Qi huffed coldly. "You're overworking your body. From this moment on, you have to take a good rest to recuperate. The period of convalescence has to be at least two months, or else I can't guarantee how long you will be able to survive."

"Looks like your medical skills are not as good as they say then," Mubai retorted with a cold smirk. "I'm most familiar with my body and I know I don't need to recuperate."

"Listen to Lu Qi's advice," Xinghe interrupted and announced with authority. "From now on, you have to rest well for two months. Your life was saved by me, if you don't cherish it, then there shall nothing to be discussed between us."

"Okay" Mubai promised easily. He hugged her waist and smiled gently. "I'll listen to everything you say since you did save my life."

Lu Qi widened his eyes in shock. Can the deferential treatment not be so obvious?

Even Ali and the rest had to avert their eyes because the constant flashes of romance were blinding their eyes. Even Lu Qi was getting increasingly annoyed at his insistence to be all lovey-dovey in front of the group of lonely singles

Xinghe was actually somewhat overwhelmed by his attitude, but her years of spiritual training had helped her maintain a neutral face expression.

"Tell me now, how did you find me?" She changed the topic of conversation. Mubai also turned serious and enlightened them on what had happened.

Lu Qi and the rest's jaws almost dropped to the floor when they heard he openly threatened the president. They studied him closely, trying to determine whether he was bluffing.

Xinghe berated him lightly, "What you did was illegal."

Mubai smiled. "It's not my fault that they're so bad at their job; I had to do what I did."

"But that's the president." Lu Qi frowned. "Mubai, you'd better figure out a way to resolve this or they might have you arrested."

"That won't happen," Xinghe concluded in a firm tone.