Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Apologize To Xinghe
Chapter 626: Apologize to Xinghe
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Elder Xi was crucial if they wanted to maneuver the Tong family and Shen family to go against the Lin family. He might have retired, but he was still the spiritual center of the Xi family and the person with the greatest power in the family. Therefore, he needed to be there in the face-off against the Shen family and Tong family.

Xinghe had seen through Shen Ru's scheme from miles away. She thought that, with the Shen family and Tong family's elders there, the Xi family would concede.

Yes, the Xi family would eventually concede but with hefty conditions. Elder Xi was not as easily manipulated as they assumed. They had no clue everything they planned was all within Xinghe's predictions.

The Lin family, who thought they were safe behind so many walls, had no idea there was a big red target on their back!

That night, all the big wigs in City A gathered to discuss Tong Yan's transgression; she was the element that linked all these powerful forces together. This once more showcased her identity as Hwa Xia's number one female heiress.

She had landed herself in trouble and almost all the powerful families in City A mobilized to save her. This was a privilege that could be enjoyed by her alone.

However, just as everyone was figuring out a way to save her *ss, she was having her beauty sleep. There was no worry in her. After all, it was not her responsibility to worry about her life. Her only responsibility was to enjoy life and demand everyone's affection.

The next day, Tong Yan reluctantly followed the Shen family and Tong family to meet with the Xi family.

If she didn't go, the Xi family wouldn't rescind the charge and her reputation would be damaged. However, the damage would be so small that it was barely discernible. Regardless, even if Tong Yan didn't think it was such a big deal, her family wouldn't allow any speck of a criminal history to sully her name.

Tong Yan might be a brat in front of others, but with her elders, she would occasionally show restraint and respect, that was why they treasured her so much. She finally relented and went.

At the same time, she swore if Xia Xinghe fell into her hands again, she would torture her ruthlessly and endlessly!

Tong Yan assumed that, as long as she apologized, the Xi family and Xinghe would have no choice but to be glad and accept her apology. Not only that, they would be honored to have received her apology. However, she would soon find out how nave she was!

In the large living room, Elder Xi, Elder Tong, Elder Shen, Xinghe, Tong Yan, and Shen Ru congregated.

After the perfunctory greeting, Elder Shen immediately had Tong Yan apologize to Xinghe.

"Little Yan, come and apologize to Miss Xia. This time you've made a mistake, so don't pull such a prank in the future," Elder Shen said with obvious intention to shield Tong Yan. He downplayed a murder attempt to become a prank, such shamelessness.

Elder Xi laughed half-heartedly.

Tong Yan went forth obediently and offered Xinghe a smiling face. "Miss Xia, this is my fault this time and I swear it was only meant as a prank, who knew it would become so serious? Don't be angry and forgive me for this once, okay? I swear I will not do this again, forgive me, yeah?"

This was the first time Tong Yan had apologized to someone with such 'sincerity'.

Shen Ru smiled in relief and added, "That's right, Miss Xia, my Little Yan knows her mistake. Looks at how repentant she is, just forgive her this once, okay?"

Elder Tong and Elder Shen chimed in to help Tong Yan. They were all blessed with the gift of the gab. Someone blunt in the mind would be swayed by their words and accept the 'apology' just like that.