Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 630

Chapter 630 Unaware Of The Situation
Chapter 630: Unaware of the Situation!
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Tong Yan's gaze shook slightly. However, she quickly recovered and blinked innocently. "What are you talking about? It's true that I had some misunderstandings about you, and later on, you made me feel humiliated, so I just wanted to play a prank on you"

Xinghe scoffed and stared sharply at her. "You wanted to kill me simply because of that?"

"I told you, it was meant as a prank"

"Enough!" Xinghe interrupted her sternly. "Tong Yan, if you continue on with this attitude, then there's no reason for me to accept your apology. You won't even admit your mistake, so how do you expect me to forgive you?"

"When didn't I admit my mistake?" Tong Yan finally lost her cool. "Xia Xinghe, what kind of trick you're trying to play? Our Tong family and Shen family have openly begged you for forgiveness, so don't test our patience! You really think we're afraid of you? I'm telling you, we are just giving the Xi family face, so don't be a f*cking ingrate and press your luck or else you and the whole loser Xi family might find yourself dead in a ditch somewhere without even knowing why"

"Shut up" Elder Shen cut her off harshly. His sudden roar stunned Tong Yan. She stared at him in utter disbelief. She couldn't understand why her grandfather, who would normally pamper her to the heavens, would suddenly yell at her. How could he raise his voice against her?

Disappointment and anger made tears well up in her eyes.

However, that was not all. Elder Tong also berated her, "Tong Yan, who taught you to speak like that? Where are your manners! Also, who is the person that influenced you to do such a thing in the dark? Quickly tell us!"

The Tong family and Shen family wanted to know who was using Tong Yan because, with the person's identity in the open, they could push the blame away from Tong Yan and onto that person. Alas, the girl refused to tell the truth.

Not only that, she was still unrepentant, hell-bent on making matters worse. Did she not understand that, if she didn't cooperate, her life would be over?

The Xi family had stated their position and they would not easily budge.

The girl was still so blunt. She still had no idea how to read the situation. Did she really think they could protect her unconditionally?

She had no clue that the Tong family and Shen family might be affected because of her. They had put many things on the line to save her, so how could she still be so dumb as to not understand their intentions?

Shen Ru might cherish her daughter, but she knew now was not the time to spoil her. If their opponent was any other common family, then they could indulge her unreasonable attitude, but their opponent was the Xi family.

If the Xi family decided to make a big deal out of this, none of them were going to escape unscathed.

The Shen family and Tong family might be powerful, but they were not powerful enough to harbor a murderer. They would crumble before public pressure. Therefore, they had to force her to reveal the truth.

"Little Yan" Shen Ru pulled her in for a gentle hug and consoled her, "I'm sorry for putting you through this, just look at those tears. You're making mommy so sad."

Tong Yan cried even harder in her mother's arms. "Mommy, I hate all of you. How can you treat me like this? I didn't do anything wrong and I've apologized, so how can you do this to me? All of you are so awful, ganging up on me to bully me!"

Tong Yan really felt wronged and her tears fell like a waterfall.