Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Used By The Lin Family
Chapter 631: Used By the Lin family!
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Like a spoiled princess, she continued to cry and argue unreasonably. She thought her family would pardon her unconditionally. Normally, they would, but the situation was different then, her tears could no longer solve all the problems.

"Little Yan, we know you've learned your lesson, but you have to tell us why you did this. Don't worry, if you do, we'll definitely forgive you," Shen Ru advised and consoled her gently.

Tong Yan looked at her with teary eyes and asked with semi-disbelief, "Really? If I tell you the reason, all of you will forgive me?"

"Of course." Shen Ru nodded firmly.

Elder Tong also promised, "We just want to know why you would do something like this, others are not important. Little Yan, Grandpa knows you're an honest child, so if you tell us the truth, no one will blame you anymore."

"Grandpa promises you the same thing as well!" Elder Shen added. The few of them kept on soothing Tong Yan like she was the most precious thing in the world.

Witnessing this, Elder Xi almost vomited. If any of his children or grandchildren acted the way this Tong Yan did, he would disown them on the spot.

Xinghe, who was only several years older than Tong Yan, watched all of this unfold with a cold eye. Finally, satisfied with the attention everyone lavished on her, Tong Yan decided to tell the truth.

She pointed at Xinghe and grumbled with great dissatisfaction, "Actually, it's her own fault that I did this to her."

"Grandpas, you also know I'm friends with the sisters from the Lin family. The Xi family not only killed Sister Lin Yun, but Xia Xinghe has also swallowed up Sister Lin Jing's company. Even at the president's house, she purposely came after Sister Lin Qian. She is such an awful human being, so I just wanted to teach her a lesson on their behalf!"

The moment Tong Yan finished, everyone's faces were drawn.

"Therefore, you came after me because you wanted to help the Lin family vent their resentment?" Xinghe asked lightly.

Tong Yan nodded. "That's right, I'm good friends with them, so you cannot blame me for coming after you because I was just helping out my friends."

"Then, the Lin family must have treated you very well." Xinghe continued softly.

Tong Yan smiled smugly. "Naturally! The whole Lin family treats me very nicely, our Tong family and Lin family have always been close friends."

Xinghe nodded. "Now I understand the whole picture."

"I told you I didn't do this on purpose, I have my reasons! This is all your fault, why did you have to harm the Lin family? They didn't do anything to you, they were even gracious enough to not pursue your murder charge against Sister Lin Yun and yet you kept hounding them. So, this is really your fault for being so over the line and arrogant. They were too kind to do anything against you, so I had to help them. Therefore, you should learn to be a better person in the future and don't be so cocky anymore," Tong Yan lectured Xinghe like Xinghe was her student.

Elder Xi burst out laughing. "Elder Shen, Elder Tong, your little princess sure is pretty darn cute and innocent!"

And so incomparably foolish!

The two elders, of course, picked up the sarcasm in his comment. They were all top players in the political world, so they understood instantly, Tong Yan had been taken advantage of by the Lin family!

They knew she had always been close to the Lin family because she had a crush on the Lin family's third young master.