Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 637

Chapter 637 Stolen At Birth
Chapter 637: Stolen at Birth
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"Xiao Ru, you might not believe this, but we are your birth parents! You are the Lin family's daughter, our daughter!"


Shen Ru widened her eyes in complete disbelief.

As if on cue, Old Madam Lin started weeping. "Xiao Ru, this is real. We are your real parents. You are not the Shen family's daughter. You have nothing to do with them."

"Xiao Ru, after so many years, finally we have the courage to tell you the truth," Lin Kang added with real pain on his face.

Shen Ru's mind was buzzing with voice! She was the Lin family's daughter and not Shen family's What was happening

Shen Ru sprung up from her seat and lashed out at them angrily. "What are you people on about? Have all of you lost it? The Lin family really has gone crazy, you made use of my daughter and now you come up with crazy talk like this, I'll make you pay for fooling me like this!"

Shen Ru pulled out her phone to call for help. Elder Lin stopped her with a warning plead, "This is all real! If this goes out to the public, it'll be over for you too!"

Shen Ru's finger halted in mid-air.

Old Madam Lin looked at her pleadingly. "Xiao Ru, think about it, haven't I been treating you as good as family? That's because you're my real daughter."

"You are not the Shen family's daughter. Haven't you realized you don't look like any of them?" Elder Lin pressured. Shen Ru's face immediately blanched.

She shook her head hurriedly. "You're lying! I'm the Shen family's daughter! They have two daughters and I'm one of them, this is a universal truth. I'm definitely my father's daughter, you all are lying to me!"

"That's because you were switched since birth," Lin Kang announced with finality. When Shen Ru heard that, her whole body froze.

"What are you talking"

Lin Kang didn't answer but Elder Lin sighed and explained with deep regret, "Xiao Ru, this is something we did wrong by you. So many years ago, Old Madam Lin and Shen were pregnant at the same time. They even went into labor in the same hospital and they were both daughters. At the time, the Lin family was not doing so well, we could crumble at any moment. Your mother and I didn't want such a fate for you, so we eclipsed our conscience and switched you with Old Madam Shen's real daughter. Reality has proven us right because you've enjoyed so many years of luxury in the Shen family's care. It wasn't our plan to even reveal this to you since you've led such a happy life, but now, the Lin family is at the brink of destruction, we have no choice but to come to you for help."

"Xiao Ru, father is right. I can be the witness for this switch at birth," Lin Kang added.

Shen Ru's body was shaking as she stared at them. It was a mixture of fear and fury because she started to believe they were telling the truth.

But, how could she be the Lin family's daughter? She was the Shen's family's daughter!

No one could change her identity as the Shen family's second daughter.

Shen Ru shook her head firmly. "All of you are lying to me, I don't believe you Even if I die, I won't believe it! I forbid all of you from talking about this to me in the future or there will be hell to pay! The Shen family, Tong family and my sister will never forgive you people!"