Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Drop Dead Gorgeous
Chapter 64: Drop Dead Gorgeous

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"But he should know better, especially about the importance of this occasion."

"Mom, dad, can you two stop arguing? I need to go look for Lin Lin," Mubai interrupted them gruffly before leaving.

Old Mr. Xi and Mrs. Xi had no choice but to join the search effort as well.

However, even after flipping over the whole ballroom, Xi Lin couldn't be found.

Very soon, every guest knew of Xi Family young master's disappearance.

"How did it happen?"

"I heard it was because he played until he lost track of time and got lost."

"Didn't I hear Xi Family's young master is a well-behaved young man? Why would he pick such a time to act up?"

"You know what they say, kids will be kids"

"My own son is his age and he knows better than to wander off at a time like this."

Tianxin smiled smugly as all these words sifted into her ears.

Xi Lin might be just a kid, but a kid from a wealthy family and from a common family were treated differently.

Xi Lin's life was spent under a microscope, his mistakes greatly amplified.

People won't care whether you're a kid or not, they will only blame you for being born into a life of luxury. One wrong step and you would be labeled for life.

So Xi Lin, please don't disappoint me today. Wreck as much havoc as you possibly can

You and your mother are, after all, today's main course. Fall hand-in-hand into the pit of despair and don't ever come back up because that's the place where filth like the two of you belong.

Tianxin nursed these thoughts internally but her face was a mask of worry as if she really cared for Xi Lin's wellbeing.

While they were searching for Lin Lin, Xinghe finally arrived!

A brand new, eye-catching red Ferrari pulled up to the entrance of the grand hotel.

Xia Zhi turned his head to asked Xinghe who sat at the back, "Sis, do you want me to accompany you?"

Xinghe tossed a quick glance at the hotel and replied softly, "Thanks, but I want you to stay in the car. Just in case."

"Just in case? Of what?" Xia Zhi asked in return.

"I saw Xia Wushuang and Chui Ming in there," Xinghe offered in lieu of an explanation. Xia Zhi nodded knowingly.

They might try to jump on her during the party. She wouldn't put it past them.

Xia Zhi would act as her getaway ride in case anything objectionable happened.

A worried Xia Zhi cautioned her, "Sis, I'll be ready should you need my help but please take care of yourself. I'll be reachable via a phone call."

"Thank you." Xinghe nodded slightly as she moved to open the car door.

"Sis, let me!" Xia Zhi smiled at her before jumping out of the car, circled around it and like a personal bodyguard, helped her with the car door.

"Please, Ms. Xia." He said deferentially as he extended her his hand. His smile was handsome and smart, complimenting Xinghe's elegance and beauty.

Xinghe smiled good-humoredly watching his antics. She took his proffered hand and stepped out of the car

At that moment, two bellboys in the hotel uniform who had been watching the scene unfold were stunned into silence.

When they saw the Ferrari, they thought its passenger was someone of a certain pedigree but couldn't be absolute VIP. Theirs was a five-star hotel, they had seen much bigger and more pompous arrivals.

They didn't expect a goddess to get down from it!

Xinghe was definitely breathtaking in her maroon gown with a plunging neckline.

The flattering neckline accentuated the graceful arc of her neck and the exposure of her collarbones amped up the sexiness.

The figure-hugging design also highlighted her shapely figure without reservations.