Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 642

Chapter 642 Shen Ru
Chapter 642: Shen Ru
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Xinghe explained slowly, "For one, the incident where Lin Xuan just so happened to save Shen Ru is too coincidental and curious. Now, not long after that, Tong Yan and Lin Xuan announced their engagement. This series of events seems to have been deliberately arranged. The point is, we know clearly this is part of the Lin family's comeback, but without the Tong family's cooperation, all of this would be impossible."

"So, you think it is Shen Ru who is secretly helping them?" Mubai queried.

Xinghe nodded. "I do. She is the one Lin Xuan saved and Tong Yan is her daughter. She is too caught up in it to not be involved in some way. After all, without her permission and blessing as Tong Yan's mother, Tong Yan couldn't possibly marry Lin Xuan and thus improve the relationship between the Tong family, Shen family, and Lin family."

"That's right!" Elder Xi nodded and added, "I'm familiar with the two old men from the Shen family and Tong family, after realizing the Lin family's problem, they wouldn't have allowed their precious granddaughter to marry into that family of vipers so easily. Even if they do wish to complete this match, now is not the time. The Lin family still has plenty of homework to do before they can prove their sincerity.

"How long has it been since it was exposed that the Lin family was using Tong Yan? It has been less than a month, they forgave and forgot everything so quickly? Even if Lin Xuan did save Shen Ru, that would only balance everything out. The Tong family and Shen family wouldn't have been so appreciative of their help that they practically gave Tong Yan to the Lin family."

Tong Yan was the Shen family and Tong family's precious baby, especially for the Shen family, she was more valuable than gold because she was Elder Shen's only grandchild. Without Elder Shen's permission, no one could marry Tong Yan, in other words, this engagement had already received his blessing.

But why would he agree to that and so soon?

They knew Tong Yan wouldn't mind the arrangement, but this engagement wasn't something that could be decided by her. Therefore, Shen Ru was the prime suspect. She was Elder Shen's daughter, it would be highly effective if she was the one who did the persuading.

They wouldn't believe it if they were told Shen Ru was innocent!

However, Xinghe and the rest couldn't understand why Shen Ru would side with the Lin family.

To get to the bottom of this mystery, Elder Xi personally invited Elder Shen out for tea. That was just a front for him to vent his frustration. They had all agreed to pressure the Lin family, so what was the meaning of this?

The Xi family only decided not to pursue Tong Yan's murder charge because they agreed to stand on the same side to fight the Lin family.

If that was the case, the Xi family wouldn't need to honor their agreement anymore!

After all, Tong Yan's kidnapping incident was still an unsolved case, so the Xi family could still reopen the case and turn these few families upside down.

Elder Xi castigated Elder Shen left and right and the latter only sat there quietly like a schoolboy caught red-handed. Finally, Elder Xi concluded, "Ol' Shen, if you don't give me a satisfactory answer today then this is going to be an all-out war! Because of Tong Yan, my eldest grandson has practically lost half his life and is still recovering. For the sake of fighting the same enemy, our Xi family decided to let that be but now If you don't give me a good explanation today, then we will see you in court! So tell me, why did you decide to betray your honor and harm my Xi family who had been nothing but kind to you"