Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Engagement Party
Chapter 645: Engagement Party
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Elder Xi laughed heartily witnessing their banter. He was truly overjoyed. Even if the Xi family's vengeance hadn't been fulfilled, he could see hope for Xi family's future.

Compared to Tong Yan, Xinghe was brilliant and had been bringing nothing but good luck to the Xi family. He believed that if Xinghe married Mubai again, their lives would only get better because they were on the same level, and that would help inspire growth in one another.

Suddenly Elder Xi had the urge to gloat before Elder Shen. Elder Shen was wrong, not only were his grandsons perfect young men, even his grand-daughter-in-law was the best of the best!

Elder Shen would be so angry that he'd cough up blood if he knew about this

To display their sincerity, the Lin family quickly helped Tong Yan and Lin Xuan host an engagement party. Every person of certain influence was invited, including the Xi family. The Lin family had to invite them because giving face was crucial in Chinese society.

The Xi family, in spite of the curious gazes, accepted the invitation. However, Elder Xi was absent, there would be only Xinghe and Mubai in attendance.

When they both arrived, there were knowing smiles on the Lin family's faces. They were laced with smugness. Wasn't your Xi family planning to ruin our Lin family? I'm sorry because, not only did we survive your attack, we are on our way up again. Therefore, your plan has failed, and in the future, it is hard to tell which family will be ruined!

The Lin family was confident this engagement party was going to turn their fate around. Their plan was back on track and they would have the world under their feet soon!

By that time, they would grind the Xi family into the ground. Therefore, their attitudes towards Xinghe and Mubai were full of arrogance. Almost all of the people who greeted them came to gloat.

Elder Lin asked pompously, "Why isn't Elder Xi here? I assumed he would be here. Is he already too old to survive a party?"

The sarcasm wasn't lost on Mubai. He was hinting that Elder Xi wasn't there because he was too ashamed to show his face after the Xi family lost.

With a meaningful smile, Mubai replied slowly, "My grandfather said he will not waste time on futile showcases like this one since there is no telling whether the marriage will end in good grace or not."

Elder Lin, of course, got the hint as well. Mubai was satirizing the purpose of this engagement party. It might all just be a show for naught.

Elder Lin's calculative eyes glowed and said, "He's right, nobody can tell what will happen in the future. However, certain things are already written in the stars so certain people should stop struggling and surrender."

Mubai smirked. "It's interesting that Elder Lin and I think the same way. Certain people should definitely just give up."

Elder Lin guffawed. "Then we shall see whether we are right in our prediction or not, however, I do hope you take care of your body first or else I'm afraid you might not survive to see that day comes into fruition."

Mubai countered, "Thanks for your concern, but at the end of the day, I'm still young; this body can still last me for many decades. If anything, I'm more concerned about Elder Lin's physical condition."

"Is that so? Then we shall see who will last the longest." Elder Lin dropped his smiling face and walked away from them.

Mubai's gaze was cold and unreadable.