Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 65

Chapter 65 His Mother Xia Xinghe
Chapter 65: His mother Xia Xinghe

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Thought went into the design of the dress' lower body as well.

The skirt was tailored in such a way that it would reveal Xinghe's long legs every few moments when she walked, creating a sexy mirage.

They say beauty is pain, to improve the contour of her body, Xinghe had on a pair of 10 centimeters red heels that night.

Xinghe was draped in red but it didn't appear gaudy on her. On the contrary, the red seemed to give her an appearance of a rose in full bloom, exquisite and refined.

The confidence that exuded from Xinghe was accentuated by the dress and that night, she was as blinding as the sun.

She was the most beautiful woman the two bellboys had seen that night.

No, the most beautiful woman they had seen their whole lives

They could feel their hearts skip a beat and the question on their collective mind was, who is this lady?

"Sis, how I wish I could be there when that Chu Tianxin lays her eyes on you," Xia Zhi said with a victorious smirk.

Perhaps now that condescending Chu Tianxin could see for herself why his sister had her fianc way before she did.

Speaking of which, that Xi Mubai can also gouge his heart out in regret for letting his gorgeous ex-wife go.

If he didn't have the responsibility to be Xinghe's getaway driver, Xia Zhi would really have liked to follow her into the party just to see their reactions.

He knew for sure it would be enjoyable.

Well, at the very least, he would have a live feed through the supervisor monitor.

Xinghe wasn't at all interested in these people's reaction, she only had one purpose to be there, which was to wish Lin Lin happy birthday.

"I'm heading in," She told Xia Zhi.

Xia Zhi nodded. "Sis, be careful."

Xinghe swept her skirt to one side as she strode with confidence on the red carpet into the hotel.

"Miss, please produce your" A waiter accosted her. Before he could finish, Xinghe offered him her invitation held in between her first two fingers. The waiter accepted it with a smile. She strode off without waiting for the waiter to confirm her invitation.

"Xia Xinghe" The waiter read the name on the invitation out loud, and stared at Xinghe's back, star struck, "Is she some famous celebrity? But how come I've not heard her name before?"

"What did you say?" Suddenly, a small shadow materialized from behind a cluster of potted plants.

The waiter jumped back in shock. He calmed down and realized, isn't this the Young Master Xi everyone is looking for?

What is he doing hiding here?

"What did you say her name is?" Xi Lin repeated himself as his heart surged with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety.

The waiter answered politely, "The name on the invitation is Xia Xinghe"

Xia Xinghe!

Xi Lin whipped his head swiftly to the side and fixed his eyes on Xinghe's back.

That woman is Xia Xinghe his mom!

Even though Xi Lin didn't have any recollection of his mom's face but he knew her name.

Xia Xinghe, he had it seared into his mind ever since the first time his family told him his mother's name.

Xi Lin didn't expect she would suddenly appear at the hotel.

But what was she doing there?

To attend his birthday party?

There was intensity in the little fella's pair of eyes as the urge to stop her rose up violently in his heart. He needed to prevent her from entering the ballroom.

Because they wanted to use his birthday party to announce his daddy and Auntie Chu's wedding!