Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 656

Chapter 656 She Has Seen Through Everything
Chapter 656: She Has Seen Through Everything
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"Dad?" Shen Ru took a startled step back, what should she do?

Should she deny it or admit it?

No, she couldn't admit it, but what else could she do?

She didn't have the guts to admit it

Shen Ru was shaking from head to toe but no words came out of her mouth. Tong Yan suddenly rushed over and took her arm, yelling, "Mom, why are you hesitating? Quickly tell Grandpa that this is a fake, you are not the Lin family's daughter. Do it, quick!"

"" No matter how Tong Yan forced her, Shen Ru couldn't find the words. She also wanted to say she wasn't, but what was her evidence?

Tong Yan's heart filled with fear looking at her mother acting this way. "Mommy, you are really the Lin family's daughter, you're not grandpa's daughter? Tell me this is not real, Mommy, she is lying, isn't she?"

"" Alas Shen Ru still didn't answer. Tong Yan looked around the room for help and her eyes settled on her fianc.

She rushed to his side and begged, "Brother Xuan, tell everyone this is not real! How can my mother be a Lin? We are not cousins! Brother Xuan, tell me this is all wrong, it has to be, right?"

To her despair, Lin Xuan's only reply was his drawn face.

Tong Yan let go of him and stumbled a few steps back. Her body was shaking as she spoke to herself, "No, this is not true, someone tell me that none of this is real"

How could she not be the Shen family's granddaughter and, worse than that, be Lin Xuan's cousin This had to be fake!

"This is all real." Just as Tong Yan was trying to convince herself, Xinghe's clear voice rang out, shattering the safety bubble she was building for herself. "Shen Ru is a Lin. The Lin family was vying for the Shen family's power and influence so many years ago, so their devious plan started then. They wished to use this connection to get to the highest office in this country. The president is down with illness and their plan was close to fruition, but at the last minute, I appeared to ruin their plan and so they made use of Tong Yan to remove me. Alas their plan failed and backfired. To regain their status, they made use of Shen Ru, to use her to resolve the hatred so many families had against them. They even allowed Tong Yan and Lin Xuan to get engaged to strengthen the ties between all the families even though they are cousins. They did all these simply because they want to be president! For that position, they were willing to sacrifice everything, their own daughter so many years ago, Lin Yun early this year, and Tong Yan now. As long as they can get to the top, even their own flesh and blood will be sacrificed and used! Elder Lin, am I right or wrong?"

Elder Lin's pupil narrowed, and his gaze was as dark as the starless night sky. He glared viciously at Xinghe. If possible, he would snap her neck there and then!

Everyone from the Lin family that knew the truth all looked at her the same way because she had ruined everything; she had wasted all of their effort that went back years!

However, they wouldn't give up just like that, not without a fight.

Elder Lin chuckled darkly. "Where is your proof? If there is no proof, then these are nothing but slander! Our Lin family will never forgive you, and you will soon find out what the consequence of crossing us is!"

"You still need proof?" Xinghe grabbed the DNA report from Lu Qi's hands and tossed it at him. "This is best proof there is!"