Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Done On Purpose
Chapter 657: Done on Purpose
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The report landed by his feet and Xinghe questioned, "How can you explain the fact that Shen Ru is your daughter? Don't think all of us are dummies who will think the things that happened recently are really coincidences! Shen Ru has been openly helping you people and now I think everyone here can understand why."

The Shen family and Tong family were shocked, but now that they thought about it, Shen Ru had been incredibly suspicious. She was bending over backwards to aid the Lin family. No one could believe she didn't know about the truth. Furthermore, with the DNA report there, they had confirmed Elder Lin had known about the fact that Shen Ru was his biological daughter all along.

Shen Ru's husband wasn't in City A, so he wasn't there that day. Therefore, it was her father-in-law, Elder Tong that demanded, "So you really did cooperate with the Lin family to help further their scheme?"

"I didn't" Shen Ru denied it unconsciously. Then again, what choices did she have then but to push all the blame onto the Lin family?

"Father, you have to believe me! I didn't willingly work with them, I also only recently found out the truth! It was them who forced me to work for them or else they would expose my identity and ruin my life. Father, I was too afraid, so I was forced into helping them. I really didn't harbor any ill intentions. Sis, I really didn't" Shen Ru explained in a hurry, at the same time selling the Lin family out, proving the validity of Xinghe's claim.

Shen Ru was going to be the Lin family's trump card, which was why they made the swap so many years ago!

Elder Shen suddenly turned to Elder Lin and roared, "Lin Zhenghwa, where is my daughter How have you treated my daughter for so many years?"

His face changed the moment he finished his question because the answer came to him immediately. The sickly Lin family fourth daughter, the one who was sent away since she was born, could she be his real daughter?

It had to be. No wonder the Lin family hid her from public eye for so many years. They were afraid the truth would be exposed!

Elder Shen felt unspeakable rage assault his heart when he realized his own daughter had been treated like dirt for decades while he had been helping the perpetrator raise his daughter in luxury!

The emotions were so sudden and intense that he could see spots of darkness blossoming before his eyes.


"Elder Shen!"

Madam President and Lu Qi who were closest to him quickly went to support him. Elder Shen calmed himself down in their arms and grabbed Madam President's arm and wheezed out painfully, "Daughter, you mustn't let them get away. You need to force them to hand over your sister; we mustn't let her suffer anymore."

Madam President nodded and said, "Father, I understand."

Then she turned to look at Elder Lin and demanded, "Lin Zhenghwa, now that the truth is out there, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Elder Lin had been seething since Xinghe exposed them, but he was someone who could plan for decades ahead so why would he surrender so easily?

He closed his eyes to make a decision. He said, "That's right, I'm guilty as charged! However, this was all my idea, it has nothing to do with other people from the Lin family. Plus, my crime is out of a parent's compassion, I just didn't want my daughter to suffer with the Lin family, so I had to make the switch so many years ago. There was no greater motive. Everything is my fault, and my fault alone!"

They were surprised with how prepared he was. He was willing to shoulder the whole blame and had already came up with his defense. Elder Xi scolded him for his despicability.