Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 658

Chapter 658 None Of You Are Escaping
Chapter 658: None of You Are Escaping!
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Befitting of the name family of weasels, none of the other people from the Lin family said a word. This way, no one could tell whether they had known about this before or not. The Lin family was indeed not simple. Even under such circumstances, they managed to regain their footing with such expedience and lower the damage to the bare minimum.

The others couldn't help but be spooked by their scheming minds. Everyone knew that all of them were equally guilty, but there was no way to pin the crime on all of them. They only had the DNA test as evidence and Elder Lin had shouldered all the blame on his own, so it was impossible to ruin the whole Lin family in one fell swoop.

Elder Shen pointed at him, shaking with anger. "Lin Zhenghwa, you are such a despicable human being! All of you from the Lin family are the same; every single one of you is guilty!"

"That's right, all of you knew about this all along. Don't think you can shoulder all the crime on your own and muddle the investigation with a simple reason. All of you will have to undergo interrogation and investigation!" Madam President announced with authority.

Elder Lin said with apparent repentance and regret, "Regardless of whether you believe it or not, what I said is the whole truth. We of the Lin family have been upstanding citizens, and there is no scheming of any kind. I admit my mistake for switching the babies at birth so there is nothing I can do about that. I'm willing to accept any and all punishments you're going to give me."

"Such an eloquence performance." Xinghe suddenly scoffed and stared straight at him. "Elder Lin, your crime is so big that there is no need for due process because we all know the result. I have to say, you've come up with a Band-Aid solution quite expediently, but you really think this can save the rest of your Lin family? Think again because none of you Lins are going to escape unscathed!"

Xinghe then turned to Madam President and said, "Madam, I still have an important witness. I ask that you allow us to bring her in."

Madam President was first shocked but announced quickly and with anticipation, "Quick, get her in here!"

Xinghe shared a look with Munan and the latter walked out of the room.

Anxiety cropped up in Elder Lin's heart again. It was the same for the rest of the Lin family. Who is this witness Xia Xinghe is referring to?

Lin Xuan's fingers twitched involuntarily as he narrowed his gaze at Xinghe. He wanted to kill all of them there, especially this Xia Xinghe, he would torture her first!

However, he realized with a start, he had no weapons on him. That was the protocol when entering the president's house. Lin Xuan noticed, perhaps this was Xinghe's plan all along, to have Madam President lure them to the president's house because they couldn't do anything there.

Therefore, the only thing they could do was to escape as gracefully as they could, or else it would really be over for all of them!

Elder Lin came to the same conclusion, which was why he was so ready to shoulder all the blame. As long as the rest of the Lin family could leave the president's house safely then they still had a chance.

They might even have a chance at revenge to pay back everyone there!

Therefore, no matter what crimes they pulled out that day, Elder Lin was going to shoulder them all. No one was able to harm the rest of the Lin family while he was still there!

The Lin family thought the same. As long as Elder Lin was there, they would eventually escape unscathed.

However, when they saw the woman Munan brought in, the Lin family's faces dropped immediately.