Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Elder Lins Granddaughter
Chapter 659: Elder Lin's Granddaughter
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Especially Lin Xuan, his face showed obvious shock!

This extremely calculative man had never exposed his inner emotion before, but now, he could no longer hide the surprise and consternation within him because the woman Munan brought in was someone who couldn't possibly be there! Why is she here? How did the Xi family find her?

Lin Xuan was mortified and clueless. Elder Lin shared a look with him and plain disbelief was communicated between them.

The rest of the people were confused about this young girl's identity. Only the Lin family seemed to know who she was

The girl stepped forward and glared fiendishly at Elder Lin and Lin Xuan. Noticing their pale faces, she laughed satisfactorily and said, "Grandfather, cousin, surprised to see me? Didn't think I'm still alive and kicking, right?"

Grandfather? Cousin? Everyone else widened their eyes in shock. This was Elder Lin's granddaughter? In other words, Lin Shuang's daughter?

But they had never heard of the news that Lin Shuang was married and had a daughter.

Elder Shen and Old Madam Shen studied the girl closely, attempting to gleam some information from her. It was the same for Madam President. All of them wanted to know if she was really Elder Lin's granddaughter!

Elder Lin pointed at her with a shaking finger. "How can you be here Impossible, you shouldn't be here!"

"What is happening?" Lin Xuan asked no one in particular.

The girl glared at them and smirked. "That's right, I shouldn't be here because you people sent me to a faraway country for your cruel experiments. The experiment lasted for five long years! You almost killed me because I was put under so many drugs that I was like a living zombie, so yes, I shouldn't be here because I should be dead! However, the Gods have eyes, I've recovered! And now, it's my time for revenge because I'm going to expose everything that you've done!"

Elder Lin and Lin Xuan were beyond mortified, they saw despair there and then. It was truly over for the Lin family

"What experiments? What did they do to you?" Madam President anxiously.

Being reminded of her past, the girl suddenly had tears in her eyes. She hissed through gritted teeth, "Human experimentation, they used me in human experimentation!"

Everyone there was shocked, even those who really didn't know from the Lin family. Human experimentation How was that possible

The word alone made the hairs on several people rise. The Lin family really did such a thing on another human being

How could they do that to Elder Lin's granddaughter

No, wait, Tong Yan was Elder Lin's real granddaughter. So, this girl was actually Elder Shen's real granddaughter?

This possibility changed the faces of everyone there. Their hatred towards the Lin family reach a new feverish height. How could they do something like this to someone else's stolen granddaughter

Elder Shen asked the girl with his body visibly shaking, "You're my real granddaughter, aren't you Why did they choose you for their experiments? Child, you have to tell me everything today because I will help you find your justice. The whole Lin family is coming down, believe me, I will make them pay dearly for what they did to you!"