Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 677

Chapter 677 My Name Is Xia Xinghe
Chapter 677: My Name Is Xia Xinghe
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His goal in life was to be strong enough to hold up the sky for those that he cared about, especially for Xinghe.

If she was an eagle born for the open skies, then he wouldn't be the chain that bound her, but he would patrol the skies to allow her to fly uninhibited!

Country R was Hwa Xia's neighbor. They had the same origin and were even culturally similar. Therefore, even though they were in Country R, it felt as if they hadn't left Hwa Xia. The only thing that tipped them off was the difference in spoken and written language.

However, this was not an issue for Xinghe because to her pleasant surprise, Ali and the rest were fluent in multiple languages.

Smiling, Ali explained, "I guess you can say this is our pride. There's not much you can learn at Country Y, but weapons knowledge and languages are like free lessons if you pay close enough attention."

Since Country Y was a war-torn country, they had a complicated population which allowed them to interact with people from multiple nationalities. This made things a lot easier for them.

However, she still didn't have an exact plan laid out. Her rough goals were to locate the Shen family's second daughter and to investigate the relationship between the He Lan family and Project Galaxy. She would decide what to do as the events unfolded.

The plane soon reached Country R. The He Lan family was informed of their arrival by the Shen family, so they had people waiting for them at the airport.

However, Xinghe didn't expect that the person they sent would be so important.

"I am the He Lan family's first young master, He Lan Qi. I represent the entire He Lan family in welcoming everyone to Country R." The tall and handsome man introduced himself politely to Xinghe's group.

They were surprised that the He Lan family would send their future head of the house to come fetch them. He was almost their age, probably several years older. His appearance at the airport highlighted the importance the He Lan family accorded them.

There was less of an awkwardness since they were of similar age. Xinghe also introduced herself politely, "Mr. He Lan, nice to meet you, I am Elder Shen's step granddaughter. I'm here on his behalf to look for his long lost daughter. We will be relying on your help a lot, so thank you in advanced."

He Lan Qi smiled kindly. "So, you are Miss Xia. Please call me by name in the future, Mr. He Lan sounds so awkward and it makes me uncomfortable. But how shall I refer to Miss Xia, may I know Miss Xia's full name?"

Before Xinghe arrived, she told Elder Shen to give them her surname and not her full name. She was waiting for this moment.

Xinghe's eyes met his and she said the following slowly, "Xinghe, my name is Xia Xinghe."

Xinghe saw a streak of shock and surprise flash across He Lan Qi's eyes!

However, he recovered quickly, in fact, he played along the surprise and gasped, "You have such a unique name. I haven't heard of anything like it before. However, the name suits you, especially since I can see the glittering galaxy in your eyes."

He Lan Qi was born with the gift of the gab. Combined with his handsome features and unique background, if he wanted to, he could seduce any woman. This was what he did even though he had just met Xinghe.