Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 680

Chapter 680 Raising Flags
Chapter 680: Raising Flags
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The little news was incredibly official. The He Lan family hid themselves from the world. However, Xinghe didn't give up. As long as there was dirt on the He Lan family, she would eventually unearth it.

Thankfully, she was not short on time, she could pursue this slowly. She was going to stay at Country R for a while, so it should be enough for her to get to the bottom of things.

Early the next morning, He Lan Qi arrived at the hotel. He contacted Xinghe's group and had booked the breakfast buffet for them at the hotel. When Xinghe and the rest arrived at the lobby, he already stood there waiting.

When He Lan Qi saw them, he approached with a smile and asked with apparent concern, "Miss Xia, how was your sleep yesterday? If there's anything bothering you, please do not hesitate to inform me."

"The accommodation is not bad, thank you, Mr. He Lan, for your arrangements," Xinghe replied matter-of-factly.

He Lan Qi laughed out of the corner of his mouth. "I wish you would call me by name. If you still wish to use honorifics, why don't you call me Big Brother He Lan then?"

Sam, who was walking behind them, mimicked vomiting surreptitiously!

Even Ali shivered involuntarily. Can this He Lan Qi please stop being so disgusting? He wants Xinghe to call him Big Brother He Lan? Such shamelessness!

Xinghe maintained her composure and pretended she didn't even hear him. She continued, "Mr. He Lan, let's finish breakfast quickly and get to work. I wish to find the person as soon as possible."

"Okay." He Lan Qi shrugged with a pampering smile, like she could do no wrong in his eyes. His gentlemanly demeanor could melt the hearts of many women, but alas, Xinghe was not one of them.

During breakfast, no matter how often and how hard he tried to pamper her, Xinghe didn't give him any response. He Lan Qi initially thought she was playing hard to get, but he finally realized she was really not interested in him. This discovery didn't anger He Lan Qi, instead it only made him more intrigued in Xinghe.

He loved a challenge and breaking an ice queen like Xinghe was the greatest thrill.

He Lan Qi had the whole thing planned out, he even went so far as setting the target date for himself, the period he would need to wear Xinghe down before he got her twirled around his finger.

Alas, reality would teach him a cruel lesson. Not every woman was interested in him!

After breakfast, He Lan Qi brought them to the police station to compare DNA. Xinghe brought along Elder Shen's DNA sample to match with Country R's DNA database. However, the chance of success was extremely low, after all, not everyone gave their DNA sample to the police.

Xinghe, of course, didn't put much hope in this method. Her plan was to broadcast the missing person advertisement across the internet, television, and newspapers, to convince the Shen family's second daughter to come and show herself.

He Lan Qi was taken aback when she told him her suggestion. He wasn't expecting such a wide-scale search.

Xinghe didn't miss the change in his expression. She said lightly, "Mr. He Lan, do not worry, we will support the fees for the media ourselves. We will not be troubling you this time."